Valleyview Gardens

Day 3 celebrating #pollinatorweek and we are loving the blooms of our echinacea as much as the #bees and #butterflies do! Blooms all summer long!🦋🐝 #echinacea #coneflower #pollinators #pollinatorgarden #pollinatorplants pic.twitter.com/EQomxgSbzY — Valleyview Gardens (@ValleyviewG1970) June 24, 2021


Tanya Carvalho

Another beautiful day to be checking in on trials! So many exciting new genetics coming for your 2022 gardens! #ilovemyplantjob #gardentrials #letsgetgrowing #lethopebloom #bloomdiva @BallFloraPlant @SelectaOneNA pic.twitter.com/f4sQkXx6Ng — Tanya Carvalho (@TanyaCBloomDiva) June 23, 2021


Howard Nurseries

Peonies from our bare root range still looking stunning in the field. pic.twitter.com/PfHxH3lIxe — Howard Nurseries (@HowardNurseries) June 22, 2021



Good evening @GardensHour its not been the best of weather to start the summer, bit here's a few highlights from the nursery today #propwisley #gardenshour Tagetes spatula 'Tiger Eyes'Nemesia carnival mixed Jacaranda mimosifoliaJasminoides 'Pandorea' pic.twitter.com/eL5ftKcnIO — Paul🏳️‍🌈🇪🇺💙 (@paul_atk79) June 21, 2021


grown in wales

Pest control pic.twitter.com/rqal4rnTaI — grown in wales (@coileyparjley) June 20, 2021



Good morning. I for one, am glad for the rain. Steady and gentle with a cooling of temperature 😊These 4 are Regal Pellies ‘Fringed Aztec’, ‘Rimfire’, ‘Fanny Eden’ & ‘Y’hu’ (Pronounced “You hoo”) pic.twitter.com/ajgrBjqrl3 — Heather’s (@Heather_GKey) June 17, 2021


Fibrex Nurseries

The National Collection of Pelargoniums, looking very flowery now 😍For the next 2 n a bit months (rest of June, July & August) you can see this gem of a collection for free in its entirety at the nursery. Next year it will be split between the 5 @The_RHS gardens pic.twitter.com/91L6hDqsCf — Fibrex Nurseries (@FibrexNurseries) June…



Ann is happy to receive some of our expert judges at our #FleuroStar stand. Difficult to choose, as every year! At 29th June we will find out who the winner with the Wow factor is. pic.twitter.com/KhlWLN7oxx — Fleuroselect (@Fleuroselect) June 16, 2021



This week, the international expert jury of our #FleuroStar contest is able to judge the plants either in person or via one of the dedicated Zoom presentations. A promotional display has been set up at @_Florensis and @SyngentaFlowers. We are very excited to hear their feedback! pic.twitter.com/YeSMaiLk1V — Fleuroselect (@Fleuroselect) June…


Mark Lane

Join me Tuesday on @BBCMorningLive when I'm chatting about and celebrating #BritishFlowersWeek @MarketFlowers Supporting British businesses. #MorningLive pic.twitter.com/DpP4XNLsbU — Mark Lane (@MarkLaneTV) June 12, 2021


Tanya Carvalho

Plant material was moved outside at Sawaya Garden Trials today. Over 400 blooms from @BallFloraPlant and @SelectaOneNA. Over 3000 cultivars in total. NEW this year a 12’ floral tree sponsored by @BallFloraPlant! #letsgetgrowing #lethopebloom #bloomdiva #ilovemyplantjob #blooms pic.twitter.com/200mauLcpi — Tanya Carvalho (@TanyaCBloomDiva) June…


Shivamogga's flower growers request Karnataka govt to extend aid to unregistered farmers, as business suffers due to COVIDA flower grower says, "State govt's compensation won't reach small farmers as many of us haven't registered our crops. Everyone’s crops should be evaluated" pic.twitter.com/I45udbnltm — ANI (@ANI) June 10, 2021



One of our favorite Summer flowers for planting in both garden beds and pots is Lantana. It is a heat tolerant plant with an extended bloom season and also attracts both butterflies and hummingbirds. #metrolinagreenhouse #Summerblooms pic.twitter.com/yL9DBDT25b — MetrolinaGreenhouses (@MetrolinaGHS) June 8, 2021



Have you heard? The Sawaya Garden Trials have moved to a new location for 2021: Waterford, Ont. Featuring 3,000 varieties, the #trials now includes a point-based grading system. #flowers #greenhouse #Horticulture (Photos courtesy of @TanyaCBloomDiva)https://t.co/JTXVK1lLNp pic.twitter.com/IOihS06ZEI — greenhousecan (@greenhousecan)…


Vicky & Richard Fox

Just looking at a little job on the nursery 😂Lots of varieties some new some old to pot! Love a bit of potting! This might take sometime! We're always potting something, most of the time! 🌸🍁🌿🌻🌺🌱#heuchera #heucherella #tiarella #pottingplants #hookedonheucheras pic.twitter.com/6rVKK9xIsG — Vicky & Richard Fox🌱 (@plantagogo) June…



Prenplants propagation area all bursting into life, thanks to Jo our propagator, we had better get on with the potting #peatfree #propagation #growninsussex #Homegrown #perennials pic.twitter.com/WLGE5xKXDq — Prenplants (@prenplants) June 3, 2021

Metrolina Greenhouses INC



We are less than ONE WEEK AWAY from #FDC2021! Curious about who will have a table top this year? We have members from all over including: Premium Flowers, Multiflora, Danziger Cut Flowers, Valley Springs, and many more.View the full list here! https://t.co/YXjF2jTcDJ pic.twitter.com/Xgxp62J9eX — WFFSA (@WFFSA) June 1, 2021



Glorious day out on the nursery, but watering took from 7:30 - 11:50 #propwisley pic.twitter.com/LsKPk6SbZz — Paul🏳️‍🌈🇪🇺💙 (@paul_atk79) June 1, 2021


Tanya Carvalho

Stopped into see how the new location is coming along for the Sawaya Garden Trials this year! There are some exciting things happening for this years trials! #letsgetgrowing #gardentrials #ontario #whatsbloomimg #newvarieties #lethopebloom pic.twitter.com/jYivQY3UE8 — Tanya Carvalho (@TanyaCBloomDiva) May 28, 2021


Neil Alcock

Great sight! All these Heuchera will be gone in week 26 in one order! 😀 pic.twitter.com/r19mUt9ocA — Neil Alcock (@NeilAlcock) May 27, 2021


Brandon Settlemyre

Rose of the day! This interesting one is called the 'OSO Easy Peasy' Rose by Proven Winners! Aren't they amazing? Tons of little roses clustered at the ends of the branches give these roses a whole different look! Reserve yours below! https://t.co/dvE9cLZTJk pic.twitter.com/FbfqhVu6YI — Brandon Settlemyre (@bushman28690) May 26, 2021


Willoway Nursery

The color is amazing today on the dock- Walk with me. The team is loading some fantastic plants! https://t.co/BDcuLQrVSZ pic.twitter.com/ulLFtzZye6 — Willoway Nursery (@willowayplants) May 25, 2021


Ashwood Nurseries

Here’s alittle bit of sunshine yellow today for you all. Lewisia cotyledon from our national collection @plantheritage #lewisia #yellow #plants #alpineplants pic.twitter.com/E695KIxGqN — Ashwood Nurseries (@ashnurs) May 24, 2021



#CheeringUpMondays ‘Bright and Breezy’ semi-double floribunda #rose bred by Dickson. Have a good week everyone, take care #StaySafe #roses @loujnicholls @kgimson pic.twitter.com/rEacIKA3De — 🌹rosesuk (@rosesukroses) May 24, 2021


Pepperpot Nursery

Let’s hope there’s no damage to this from the overnight winds. Almost there with the glazing we’re hoping (have said this many times) that it’s ready to move into before too much longer! It’ll be used for seed sown herbs, to germinate before moving on, & for early 9cm Basil. pic.twitter.com/gkajWr4xQQ — Pepperpot Nursery (@pepperpotherbs) May…


Syngenta Ornamentals UK

👋 Introducing. The PotCast 👋A new podcast for you, the professional #horticulture grower.Dan & Glenn will cover a whole bunch of horticultural issues & ideas over the coming weeks. Tap the link to find out more 👇https://t.co/3ZyLMKzkdU#EveryFlowerCounts pic.twitter.com/63dxiq01ZJ — Syngenta Ornamentals UK (@SyngentaOCUK) May 19,…


Neil Alcock

A few more nice blocks growing for summer sales! #newplants #peatfree pic.twitter.com/XdPt22tm2b — Neil Alcock (@NeilAlcock) May 18, 2021


Elgon Collection

Our little visitors are back and ready to say hello 🌹🌿#mountelgonorchards #elgoncollection #roseswithaheartofgold pic.twitter.com/y8B9OLpUzW — Elgon Collection (@elgoncollection) May 18, 2021


Penberth Plants

We've started to fill up the lovely new benches that Jeff made. Hopefully the weather is settling as we bring out the Sempervivums. The colours have intensified in just a couple of days! https://t.co/Raqa5JLW5f pic.twitter.com/HhTeWL6JHK — Penberth Plants (@PenberthPlants) May 17, 2021



Some lovely daisys in May❤️@flowersonfriday #TweetersFlowerShow #planthappy #FridayVibes #flowers #volmary pic.twitter.com/6AOEjQbuRq — 🌱 Volmary (@VolmaryPlants) May 14, 2021


Kurtz Farms

My favorites ❤️ this week. I just cannot pick one! Heading to the Home Depot this weekend to make their way to color porches, patios & walkways 🌸🌸🌸 pic.twitter.com/X241uXjlCS — Kurtz Farms (@KurtzFarmsCT) May 12, 2021


Provender Nurseries

Some of our team behind the scenes. Working hard to keep plants coming in, going out and healthy pic.twitter.com/wbHMflK18o — Provender Nurseries (@ProvenderTweets) May 12, 2021


Defra UK

Let's celebrate plants this #PlantHealthWeek!🌱 Plants sustain life and spread joy, but only when they're healthy. We're shining the light on plant health this week, so they can keep playing their part in protecting people and nature. Share our video if you love plants! pic.twitter.com/uUsM6WqUAI — Defra UK (@DefraGovUK) May 10, 2021



Hopefully with some milder nights we'll be able to start moving a few things outside & take the pressure off the glasshouses, were struggling to fit all these #peatfree plants in #propwisley. pic.twitter.com/IJGNVSVcoT — Paul🏳️‍🌈🇪🇺💙 (@paul_atk79) May 9, 2021

Decoracio Floral & Events


Wyevale Nurseries

Recently a team from @RHSWisley picked-up an impressive new collection of #Mangave succulents from us here in #Herefordshire. pic.twitter.com/mEH6ITVxWm — Wyevale Nurseries (@WyevaleNurs) May 5, 2021



Each year we plant over 2,000 different varieties and this year was no small feat with transplanting 18,000 plants! A lot of hard work with our R&D team to manage the process from seed, to transplant and now to see how well they will grow in the garden. #metrolinatrials pic.twitter.com/Tpj3XRMvdS — MetrolinaGreenhouses (@MetrolinaGHS) May…


Neil Alcock

I HATE the wind! Gales in May! pic.twitter.com/dxcvg5aRVf — Neil Alcock (@NeilAlcock) May 3, 2021



Selling out fast to nursery growers worldwide! Great work by all the team at @FitzNurseries FitzGerald Nurseries year round production of worldwide selling ornamental plant range. https://t.co/ODyeK0Mgyp #garden #gardenplants #patio #balcony pic.twitter.com/978ehkOgFQ — EverColor® (@EverColorPlants) May 1, 2021



New tropicals pic.twitter.com/RbEoojHm5Z — GreenWayBloom (@GreenWayBloom) April 29, 2021

Anshuman Mohanty

Danziger Cut Flowers



Neil Alcock

10000 Heuchera Frilly being prepared for shipping early next week! #newplants @GenesisPMLtd @plantagogo pic.twitter.com/nY7FwEhp2p — Neil Alcock (@NeilAlcock) April 26, 2021


JZ Flowers

One of our tulip growers, Belmont Nurseries, is offering people the chance to 'tiptoe through the tulips' with visits to its fields to raise money for The Norfolk Hospice. Click here to book your ticket 👇.https://t.co/MfRJXOzxIk #norfolk #growers #tulips #makinglifecolourful pic.twitter.com/uOFPivcQ6S — JZ Flowers (@jz_flowers) April…


Bransford Webbs

Most of these new tunnels, the ones that are covered in shade netting, are now filled with over 100,000 pots of our autumn/winter 2021 crop of Hellebores! #Busypottingweek! #RodneyDaveyHellebores #HarvingtonHellebores #Helleboreorientalis pic.twitter.com/bl59mfLKdO — Bransford Webbs (@BransfordWebbs) April 22, 2021


Matt Oliver

Taken delivery of a new potting bench today. I've been waiting a while for it to arrive and not ashamed to admit to a couple of air punches once I'd got it in place 👊👊👊 Happy days 😁 pic.twitter.com/Zc9DflJNVb — Matt Oliver (@MattOliver87) April 21, 2021


Beekenkamp Plants

Our “Research and Development center” is taking shape 🌱 All columns of the greenhouse are pre-machined with a hole or welded support in the right place. A real jigsaw for all the greenhouse builders because the glasshouse comprises of more than 85 different compartments ✅! pic.twitter.com/biD9J0nXMg — Beekenkamp Plants (@BeekenkampNL) April…

Scott Zoch


Pepperpot Nursery

The Mint tunnel smells amazing when you walk in there at this time of year, when there’s sunshine releasing the oils from the leaves and they fill the space with a combination of all those different fragrances. pic.twitter.com/6oQZVqwENW — Pepperpot Nursery (@pepperpotherbs) April 19, 2021


Amanda Fore

HD 2010 is looking amazing, More to come! Bulking up for a beautiful weekend! 😎🌞💜🤩@rmathis333_rick @KOKOLGM @wayne2314 @jody_delicato @DamonPowersHD @derek_rickard @BellNursery pic.twitter.com/PQI20xtMoq — Amanda Fore (@fore_amanda) April 15, 2021



You make space in the glasshouse & someone comes along & starts filling it up again #propwisley pic.twitter.com/pskyxaruOb — Paul🏳️‍🌈🇪🇺💙 (@paul_atk79) April 15, 2021


Amanda Fore

HD 2301 showing off our Shrub shipment! Awesome job Bell team 💜! Those Meet Petites are everything! 🌹🌹🌹🌹@NealMattison @BellNursery @Pat_Fischetti @JamieHa18924176 @rmathis333_rick pic.twitter.com/Ye1p9LXX2E — Amanda Fore (@fore_amanda) April 13, 2021


Neil Alcock

Physocarpus Magic Ball! #newplants pic.twitter.com/nMLm9rUg99 — Neil Alcock (@NeilAlcock) April 12, 2021


Bransford Webbs

Here's Charlie using our bug gun! She is spreading Thripex also known as Neoseiulus cucumeris which is a predatory mite that will feed on any Thrips that are present. Thrips are a pest for many plants! This method is a great bio friendly way of treating the problem. pic.twitter.com/ghPUaSUrft — Bransford Webbs (@BransfordWebbs) April…

@KurtzFarmsCT ·

Kurtz Farms

It's GO time! #Spring2021 pic.twitter.com/2flfIK8u9v — Kurtz Farms (@KurtzFarmsCT) April 8, 2021



Every week we make many growers from Scandinavia and Iceland happy with beautiful bedding plants, young plants and perennials from the Netherlands. We have the best suppliers such as Schneider young plants, Hendriks, plantanious, Bangards, lance etc. etc. pic.twitter.com/WWBiWEzMFV — Mullerseeds (@Mullerseeds) April 8, 2021


Pottertons Nursery

Erythronium revolutum now flowering five years old from seed. pic.twitter.com/fCtwFQPZyY — Pottertons Nursery (@PottertonsN) April 7, 2021


Syngenta Flowers

The Rio Dipladenias are ready for the sales season since beginning of March. And they look better and better! Already in garden centers close to you.Images directly from a grower in South of Spain. pic.twitter.com/9agEXjBFC0 — Syngenta Flowers (@SyngentaFlowers) April 6, 2021


Kernock Park Plants

1983 – The Grand Idea! This year could indeed be the year we consider Kernock Park Plants to have really ‘kicked off’...https://t.co/hsPmNJsqVH pic.twitter.com/GKWnwoZEsQ — Kernock Park Plants (@kernock) April 1, 2021


Tanya Carvalho

From the East coast to the West coast 🇨🇦 the Bees Knees petunia is looking fabulous! What colour will be in your garden this spring? 💛🐝 #thebeesknees #letsgetgrowing #beautifulblooms #petunias @BallFloraPlant @panamaraacres Photo cred Panamara Acres in #chilliwack pic.twitter.com/ae8WVdcQfy — Tanya Carvalho (@TanyaCBloomDiva) April…

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