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Our Peony potting is coming along nicely, although with 18 different varieties this year I think there is still a few more to go! #peatfree #gardening #SylvaGrow @melcourtltd — Prenplants (@prenplants) October 9, 2019


Barnsfold Nurseries

Pineapple Crush is a brand new unique Viola colour available now! — Barnsfold Nurseries (@Barnsfold) October 9, 2019


Cdn Greenhouse Conf


Syngenta ‏

👩🚀 👨🚀 🚀 A study conducted by @NASA revealed that #chrysanthemum can help reduce air pollution. Read the original 1989 report here: — Syngenta (@Syngenta) October 8, 2019


Kurtz Farms

Loading these beautiful Select #mum planters for delivery to our Home Depot stores tonight. We continue to see strong mum sales and #NewEngland finally looks to have "Fall Like" weather for the weekend! #mums #planters #fallcolors #Fall2019 — Kurtz Farms (@KurtzFarmsCT) October 2, 2019


HilverdaFlorist B.V.

Today is World Animal Day! Let's give our loyal companions some extra love and attention today 🧡-#animals #wordlanimalday #catlover #garden #Summer #sunshine #dogs #pets #gerbera #garvinea #dierendag — HilverdaFlorist B.V. (@hilverdaflorist) October 4, 2019


Josh Tranter

Cyclamen collection in the nursery @ashnurs — Josh Tranter (@joshuatranter99) October 2, 2019


Darby McGrath

What a fantastic day Rick Bradt from @amahort and I had visiting @pstreenursery - checking out their production practices to support #roots and #SoilHealth. Thanks Purple Springs for the hospitality and sharing all your knowledge with us. Check out the roots on that Burr Oak! — Darby McGrath (@McGrathGreen) October…


Jimmy Turner

It’s #PurpleReign time here again @RBGSydney with the Chines Wisteria sinensis covering the Spring Walk in purple perfumed perfection. Who else loves purple 💜 — Jimmy Turner (@TexanInOz) October 1, 2019



on a lighter note, our desert tunnel complete with suspended shelving to fit in the extra 40+ cacti varieties — Plantbase (@Plantbaseuk) September 29, 2019


Leah Van der Heide

Someone help me! I’m going to die of excitement over this 4 yr old poinsettia tree. #inmyhappyplace #IPPS — Leah Van der Heide (@thebiobandwagon) September 26, 2019


Kurtz Farms

#MumsTheWord here at the farm. Every size, Every Color, Every Combination you can think of! These beauties are ready for delivery to the @homedepot #mums #Fall2019 — Kurtz Farms (@KurtzFarmsCT) September 25, 2019


Lynde Greenhouse & Nursery

We are confident that fall is here to stay!#fallcolors — Lynde Greenhouse & Nursery (@LyndeGreenhouse) September 24, 2019


Syngenta Flowers Europe

We're at Flower Trial Japan with our #Varinova cyclamen! We're looking forward to meet you there from 24 - 26 September. — Syngenta Flowers Europe (@SyngentaFlowers) September 24, 2019


Bala Kompalli

Prize winning huge Grammatophyllum speciosum in Singapore from South east Asia orchid society orchid show — Bala Kompalli (@BalaatKew) September 23, 2019



Things have gotten a little cheesy as we celebrate national indoor plant week with a shipment of new houseplants. Like this Swiss Cheese Plant. Monstera adansonii. #swisscheeseplant #monsteraadansonii #williamsnursery #westfield #garden #indoorplants #n… — williamsnursery (@williamsnursery) September…


Paul 🏳️‍🌈

It's been a bit chilly out on the nursery this morning, sun slowly making its way across #propwisley — Paul🏳️‍🌈 (@paul_atk79) September 18, 2019



Monitoring visit of CPVO Experts in 🇳🇱@Naktuinbouw. Great occasion to maintain the good collaboration and discuss on-going challenges and technical items. Lot of new #Crops DUS tested there ! 🌹🌷💐 — CPVO (@CPVOTweets) September 18, 2019


Desch Plantpak

Time for gold! For #Autumn or #Winter, or #prinsjesdag2019 ? we now produce Mayca decorative #flowerpots ! — Desch Plantpak (@deschplantpak) September 17, 2019


RHS Garden Wisley

Join us for the last Walkies at Wisley of the season on Wednesday 18 September. We’ll be welcoming visitors and their four-legged friends for a stroll around the Garden after hours. Open from 6pm to 8pm, last entry 7.30pm: — RHS Garden Wisley (@RHSWisley) September 15, 2019

@plantagogo Volgen

Vicky & Richard Fox ‏

Yeah!! Always lovely to be met by a lovely Premier Gold headland a lovely shiny silver cup @HarrogateFlower Come and say hello if your coming Hall1 stand number PP37 Have a great weekend #heuchera #heucherella and #tiarella — Vicky & Richard Fox (@plantagogo) September 13, 2019


Beekenkamp Plants

And the winner of FlowersExpo Moscow 2019 novelty of the year competition is .... our DREAMS GARDEN MacaRose 🌸🏆#Moscow #dreams #begonia #winner — Beekenkamp Plants (@BeekenkampNL) September 12, 2019


Kew Gardens

Did you know...? To gain a better insight into relationships and evolution in the Compositae family, researchers at Kew are attempting to use new generation DNA sequencing techniques, to sample multiple-genes from DNA throughout the genera. 🌼 — Kew Gardens (@kewgardens) September 10, 2019



Stunning roof garden we maintain with an amazing view of Central London. #whatwedo #gardenmaintenance #roofgarden #London #lookinggoodnow — Landform (@LandformUK) September 10, 2019


Paul 🏳️‍🌈

We will be re-starting our public propagation days @RHSWisley later this week. (Sold Out) Based within our new nursery & propagation facility people will get to spend the whole day learning new propagation skills & gain an insight into how the nursery works #propwisley — Paul🏳️‍🌈 (@paul_atk79) September 8,…


A.M.A. Horticulture Inc.

We got to see cutting-edge automation systems at @MetrolinaGHS on the @American_Hort #PlugandCutting19 conference tour. Key takeaway? Improving efficiencies is critical and future-driven growers shouldn't be afraid to invest in themselves. At the show today? We're in booth 24! 👋 — A.M.A. Horticulture Inc.…



Demonstrating how beneficial nematodes are applied to control fungus gnats and western flower thrips at the Biocontrols Workshop @MetrolinaGHS #PlugandCutting19 — AmericanHort (@American_Hort) September 4, 2019


Kew Gardens

Did you know...? Our Millennium Seed Bank scientists work with partners in more than 95 countries on a mission to conserve the world’s plant species. The collection is the largest and most diverse wild plant species genetic resource in the world. 🌎🌱 — Kew Gardens (@kewgardens) September 4, 2019


Tristram Plants

It’s only September but Binsted Nursery is thinking of spring. Bulb potting has started with Snakes Head Fritillary. Our newly refurbished topping machine which covers up the bulbs is working a treat. @Farplants @TonGlorie #gardening #bulbs — Tristram Plants (@TristramPlants) September 2, 2019


Newent Plant Centre ‏

Today's #SeptemberHeuchera is Silver Scrolls, one of the older established varieties but one of the most reliable, easy to grow and trouble free. It has tall stems of white flowers in summer, loved by the #bees — Newent Plant Centre (@NewentPC) September 2, 2019



We are on our way to @FourOaksTS! See you there! — fargro (@fargro) August 30, 2019


Fibrex Nurseries ‏

So at the moment and for the foreseeable future, it’s all about propagation here. Pellie cuttings galore, Hibiscus prop house filling up and ferns, well as you can see, the fern house is filling up too 😁 — Fibrex Nurseries (@FibrexNurseries) August 28, 2019


Fleuroselect ‏

#Osteospermum Purple Sun showing why it's a #FleuroStar winner at the @RHSHydeHall's Floral Fantasia organised by Peter Seabrook with plants from Selecta one. This gloriously vibrant bed of colour has been performing since it was planted out in June & shows no signs of stopping. — Fleuroselect (@Fleuroselect) August…

Royal Van Zanten


Hawkesmill Nurseries

Heuchera as far as the eye can see! We love you Heuchera! — Hawkesmill Nurseries (@HawkesmillNurs) August 25, 2019


Neil Alcock ‏

Week 34 updates - Heuchera Plug and P9 Trolley deals — Neil Alcock (@NeilAlcock) August 23, 2019


Fibrex Nurseries

Trying to do our bit 😊👍. Hope your ferns do well for you. — Fibrex Nurseries (@FibrexNurseries) August 22, 2019



sometimes erythrina crista gali flowers when only a few months old #unpredictable — Plantbase (@Plantbaseuk) August 21, 2019


Howard Nurseries

Have you seen this months @TEGmagazine ? @HowardNurseries have a feature on our #Suffolk #Iris fields with some amazing photos from @RichardBloom_ This one didn't make the magazine but what a breath-taking photo. Just had to share it with you. Enjoy. — Howard Nurseries (@HowardNurseries) May 28, 2019


Thiel's Greenhouses

Just a few of the fine growers I got to hang out w at AB Grower Day #RedDeer SO inspiring. Fun! PLUS swag that actually fits my bobblehead!🤠 Time to plan for #Spring2020 #flowers #veggies @BallHort @DummenOrangeNA Where's Dustin?🤔📒 Thx @hortguy85 #greatday! — Thiel's Greenhouses (@ThielsGH) August 16,…


Plantbase ‏

big flower, small plant hymenoxis grandiflora — Plantbase (@Plantbaseuk) August 16, 2019


Gerbera United ‏

Slowly there comes some color at the gerbera plants of the new location Nootdorp of Gerbera United — Gerbera United (@GerberaUnited) August 14, 2019


Lynde Greenhouse & Nursery

Garden Mums are growing! #Flowers — Lynde Greenhouse & Nursery (@LyndeGreenhouse) August 13, 2019


Peter van Rijssen ‏

Vaccinium Flamingo production. This is the worlds first variegated blueberry! — Peter van Rijssen (@PlantippPeter) August 13, 2019


MetrolinaGreenhouses ‏

We had a great week celebrating our Spring season with all employees this week. We truly appreciate each and every one of you for making #metrolinagreenhouses such a great place to work and grow!#employeeappreciation #greenhousegrowings — MetrolinaGreenhouses (@MetrolinaGHS) August 9, 2019


The English Gardener

My fabulous trip to @RHSWisley to meet my #HortiFamily is now on @YouTube 🌱🌱🌱🌱🌱🌱🌱🌱Thanks again to @Matthew_Pottage @yorkieswife & @paul_atk79 for their time, next time @peter_goodchild 😁 🌸 “Behind the Scenes in the Propagation House was awesome” — The English Gardener (@TheEnglishGard1)…

@CanadaleCrew ‏

Found a little friend in the greenhouse 🦎 #lizard #greenhousevisitor #canadale — (@CanadaleCrew) August 7, 2019


MetrolinaGreenhouses ‏

Over the next four weeks we will be diving into the four main features that make Metrolina a sustainable greenhouse! Join us to learn more about our water source, biomass heating system, recycling of plastic trays and pots, and pest control! #sustainableoperation #growinggreen — MetrolinaGreenhouses (@MetrolinaGHS) August…


Fleuroselect ‏

A great way to remember our visit to Benary the beginning of last month during our Convention. And what a view of the amazing trials! — Fleuroselect (@Fleuroselect) August 6, 2019


Allensmore Nurseries ‏

First batch of pansies potted, ready for end of August #pansy #allensmore — Allensmore Nurseries (@ANurseries) August 3, 2019

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