You make space in the glasshouse & someone comes along & starts filling it up again #propwisley pic.twitter.com/pskyxaruOb — Paul🏳️‍🌈🇪🇺💙 (@paul_atk79) April 15, 2021


Amanda Fore

HD 2301 showing off our Shrub shipment! Awesome job Bell team 💜! Those Meet Petites are everything! 🌹🌹🌹🌹@NealMattison @BellNursery @Pat_Fischetti @JamieHa18924176 @rmathis333_rick pic.twitter.com/Ye1p9LXX2E — Amanda Fore (@fore_amanda) April 13, 2021


Neil Alcock

Physocarpus Magic Ball! #newplants pic.twitter.com/nMLm9rUg99 — Neil Alcock (@NeilAlcock) April 12, 2021


Bransford Webbs

Here's Charlie using our bug gun! She is spreading Thripex also known as Neoseiulus cucumeris which is a predatory mite that will feed on any Thrips that are present. Thrips are a pest for many plants! This method is a great bio friendly way of treating the problem. pic.twitter.com/ghPUaSUrft — Bransford Webbs (@BransfordWebbs) April…

@KurtzFarmsCT ·

Kurtz Farms

It's GO time! #Spring2021 pic.twitter.com/2flfIK8u9v — Kurtz Farms (@KurtzFarmsCT) April 8, 2021



Every week we make many growers from Scandinavia and Iceland happy with beautiful bedding plants, young plants and perennials from the Netherlands. We have the best suppliers such as Schneider young plants, Hendriks, plantanious, Bangards, lance etc. etc. pic.twitter.com/WWBiWEzMFV — Mullerseeds (@Mullerseeds) April 8, 2021


Pottertons Nursery

Erythronium revolutum now flowering five years old from seed. pic.twitter.com/fCtwFQPZyY — Pottertons Nursery (@PottertonsN) April 7, 2021


Syngenta Flowers

The Rio Dipladenias are ready for the sales season since beginning of March. And they look better and better! Already in garden centers close to you.Images directly from a grower in South of Spain. pic.twitter.com/9agEXjBFC0 — Syngenta Flowers (@SyngentaFlowers) April 6, 2021


Kernock Park Plants

1983 – The Grand Idea! This year could indeed be the year we consider Kernock Park Plants to have really ‘kicked off’...https://t.co/hsPmNJsqVH pic.twitter.com/GKWnwoZEsQ — Kernock Park Plants (@kernock) April 1, 2021


Tanya Carvalho

From the East coast to the West coast 🇨🇦 the Bees Knees petunia is looking fabulous! What colour will be in your garden this spring? 💛🐝 #thebeesknees #letsgetgrowing #beautifulblooms #petunias @BallFloraPlant @panamaraacres Photo cred Panamara Acres in #chilliwack pic.twitter.com/ae8WVdcQfy — Tanya Carvalho (@TanyaCBloomDiva) April…


Chris Howell

One for the horticulturists... hopefully you'll all know this one. pic.twitter.com/HFaSUhOjZO — Chris Howell (@christophhowell) March 30, 2021


grown in wales

Orders pic.twitter.com/o0ciMTlwOj — grown in wales (@coileyparjley) March 29, 2021



‘Forever Friends’ floribunda #rose bred by Kordes. Happy #Monday everyone! Enjoy the new freedoms, take great care #StaySafe #SpringTime #Easter @loujnicholls @kgimson pic.twitter.com/lBrXzoGJZ9 — 🌹rosesuk (@rosesukroses) March 29, 2021


Bob's Market

Some of the first crops are making their way into our newest greenhouse in Mason! pic.twitter.com/ztsIRfh29F — Bob's Market (@BobsMarket) March 25, 2021


The Home Depot

Our Spring happy place ✨ #BringOnSpring pic.twitter.com/2Nl44qp9qf — The Home Depot (@HomeDepot) March 24, 2021


Tanya Carvalho

It’s absolutely breathtaking to walk into a greenhouse with bays of beautiful hydrangeas this time of year. The market is hungry for colour and signs of spring! Thank you Creekside Greenhouses for sending me home with two! #ilovemyplantjob #letsgetgrowing #flowersmakepeoplehappy pic.twitter.com/zQiGSfTQZq — Tanya Carvalho (@TanyaCBloomDiva) March…

Easter is coming!!

pasen komt eraan!! pic.twitter.com/uTBVUyL9aC — coen dekkers (@euonymus_nl) March 23, 2021


Nigel Judd

Its sums up perfectly the insanity we are faced with. Need to send 24 x 9cm pots to naktuinbow for pbr trials. Easy. No. £250.00.Yes. Excluding broker costs in Netherlands so £300.00 +. Plus APHA inspection round it up £400. Happy breeder. No. Happy @GenesisPMLtd No. https://t.co/3KHmX0e4aF — Nigel Judd (@JuddNigel) March 19, 2021


Elgon Collection

After a long dry season of dust, it’s time to wash off the greenhouses and let in some more joules of light 🌹🌿#mountelgonorchards #elgoncollection #roseswithaheartofgold pic.twitter.com/pddIkiD57k — Elgon Collection (@elgoncollection) March 19, 2021


Nufarm US GHN

Your NEW must-have, introducing Engulf GHN. Protect ornamentals 🌼, tomatoes 🍅 & Christmas trees 🌲. Plus, WIN our $50 Amazon Gift Card Giveaway! https://t.co/RNMWKNSeDZ#GrowingYourWay #MIGHTvsMITE #EngulfGHN #ghn #grower #greenhouse #mites pic.twitter.com/s1Fk0FKXhW — Nufarm US GHN (@NufarmUSGHN) March 17, 2021

@worldloveflower ·

World Love Flowers

Did you know that #Keukenhof is the largest flower garden on Earth, with approximately seven million bulbs with a total of 800 varieties of tulips, covering an area of 32 hectares (79 acres)#WordlLoveFlowers #Tulip #Tulips #Loveflowers #blumenliebe pic.twitter.com/XKa31UVaQM — World Love Flowers (@worldloveflower) March 17, 2021


Earley Ornamentals

Taking steps towards a more sustainable approach is important to us and with an environmental management system in place, we’re always looking at ways to reduce our environmental impact.See what steps we are taking here - https://t.co/5yjB51dduH pic.twitter.com/99ILWDPhtC — Earley Ornamentals (@EarleyPlants) March 16, 2021


Battlefield Farms

Our Easter Lilies getting a little shower before making their Easter premiere! These holiday favorites will begin making their journey to stores in a few days. pic.twitter.com/CILxt24cTS — Battlefield Farms (@BattlefieldFarm) March 12, 2021



This is our retail nursery. Outside all herbs labelled plus point of interest labels. A safe environment to peruse the world of herbs. Please let us open after 29th March @DefraGovUK @pow_rebecca @LukeHall pic.twitter.com/pozuqj7nYU — Jekka's (@JekkasHerbFarm) March 10, 2021



A gift from a colleague. In advance for the new building. Thank you Katinka. pic.twitter.com/3fv8iVivIJ — Mullerseeds (@Mullerseeds) March 10, 2021



One positive side of #COVID, if any, is that it fosters digital creativity! 📲🖥️Last week, #CPVO's #QualityAuditService carried out its first ever virtual assessment of an examination office. Grazie to #CREA-OF for your collaboration & readiness to be digital pioneers! 🌺🇮🇹🌸 pic.twitter.com/UHdkRcScfT — CPVO (@CPVOTweets) March 10,…



Hi Twitter, hope everyone is having a great Tuesday. Here are some stunning Dahlias to make you smile 😁#tuesdaymotivations #flowers #gardening #volmary #planthappy pic.twitter.com/xgbkNs9Jcy — 🌱 Volmary (@VolmaryPlants) March 9, 2021


Earley Ornamentals

See our facilitiesAs we’ve not been able to welcome as many people and companies to our nursery site as we would normally, we thought we’d share with you our growing facilities video - https://t.co/c5V4gX3pdA pic.twitter.com/642kB7gZoD — Earley Ornamentals (@EarleyPlants) March 8, 2021


Howard Nurseries

Tweets by home



Looking for #auriculas? We have a few (thousand!)And they’re starting to flower too! pic.twitter.com/x3bJsM3dKV — HillviewHardyPlants (@HillviewHP) March 4, 2021

Matthias Meilland



Botanicoir Ltd

We already invested in a dryer to secure future supply of our coir products. We are now on the road to achieving uninterrupted production through automation, innovative machinery, increased warehousing and slimming down our production processes to be more efficient #innovation pic.twitter.com/xoi6wecSO6 — Botanicoir Ltd (@BotanicoirLtd) March…



Nog maar 20 dagen te gaan!🌷 pic.twitter.com/40bqcfbdzT — Keukenhof (@visitkeukenhof) February 28, 2021


Wyevale Nurseries

Did you know we have 777 acres of prime growing facilities, producing more than 6,890,000 #plants every year? We’re famous or our #BritishSown and #BritishGrown #trees and #plants. pic.twitter.com/GfWOnZW4G2 — Wyevale Nurseries (@WyevaleNurs) February 26, 2021


Neil Alcock

A big welcome back to our Dutch Haulier Van Dee Haas Our first direct delivery of unrooted cuttings since we were put behind the Brexit curtain! pic.twitter.com/v2ThJAfmw6 — Neil Alcock (@NeilAlcock) February 24, 2021


Malmborgs Greenhouse

It has warmed up in the greenhouse and the first Pansy blooms have appeared. These cheery flowers are always a happy sign that spring is on it's way. pic.twitter.com/Ic8MWE9nLi — Malmborgs Greenhouse (@GeraniumGeorge) February 22, 2021


Palmstead Nurseries

Even in the bleak midwinter work continues in our young plants unit, where Tayla has been busy potting on some of the plugs we've propagated...#PalmsteadLife #Plants #Nature #Garden #Evergreen #YoungPlants #Containerised #SummerFlowering #Planting #Gardening #Palmstead pic.twitter.com/pvKhT91uEs — Palmstead Nurseries (@palmsteadmedia) February…


Gedney Bulb Company

Look at this great photo one of our delivery drivers managed to snap yesterday whilst out delivering some of our amazing potted bulbs in Yorkshire. pic.twitter.com/agl55JDobc — Gedney Bulb Company (@GedneyBulb) February 19, 2021


Tanya Carvalho

Checking in on 2022 introduction samples today! There is no denying #foliage is HOT! 🔥 I can’t wait to trial Limewire and Vulcan #coleus in my containers this spring! If you want to see them for yourself head to a trial garden this spring! #letsgetgrowing @BallFloraPlant pic.twitter.com/ZLR1ZlNucV — Tanya Carvalho (@TanyaCRocks) February…



“Flowers… are a proud assertion that a ray of beauty out values all the utilities in the world.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson#beauty #roses #inspirational #quoteoftheday #inspriation #beautiful #flowers pic.twitter.com/i4T3HpGXeh — AAA GROWERS LTD (@AAAGrowersLtd) February 18, 2021


Pepperpot Nursery

Once the seeds have germinated they’re put out in the prop tunnel, amazingly some already look almost ready to pot up. pic.twitter.com/5aJUQ0AoG6 — Pepperpot Nursery (@pepperpotherbs) February 17, 2021


Jerry Simpson

Perennial Nursery Tour // Gardening with Creekside https://t.co/RFw7g5XmV1 via @YouTube — Jerry Simpson (@CreeksideNurser) February 16, 2021



Así disfrutan nuestros colaboradores del programa de pausas activas en el nuevo centro de producción San Sebastián. ¡Cuidar su salud siempre será una de nuestras prioridades! pic.twitter.com/2gVbxj0e6B — FLORES EL CAPIRO S.A (@florescapiro) February 15, 2021


Jet Fresh Flower Growers

Thank you @TODAYshow for featuring our farm in Ecuador! We're so proud to see how much the floral industry is blooming for Valentine's Day and happy to contribute to the roses being shared this holiday. 🌹 https://t.co/N2z7SHg9cS — Jet Fresh Flower Growers (@JetFreshGrowers) February 11, 2021


Jef Gielis

@jefcactus from @Belgicactus ! He’s showing proudly his award winning Sempervivum Arctic White “belsemcob2 pbr” ! Beside some clouds you see almost no difference between winter and summer! That’s how white they are ;-)! pic.twitter.com/1CYTyZMJyd — Jef Gielis (@jefcactus) February 11, 2021


Neil Alcock

First of this years #peatfree Dryopteris Jurassic Gold our for delivery ! Next plug availability late May! @GenesisPMLtd pic.twitter.com/Uq98SEGRNf — Neil Alcock (@NeilAlcock) February 10, 2021


Fibrex Nurseries


Kenya Flower Council

Inside the @KenyaAirways 787 repurposed vessel. The #KQCargoPreighter has a cabin capacity 16 tonnes & additional to 40 tonnes belly capacity. #TheWeightIsOver pic.twitter.com/20lQWo0j7t — Kenya Flower Council (@kenyaflower) February 8, 2021


Flowers from Kenya!

🇰🇪🇰🇪🇰🇪🇰🇪🇰🇪🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹 https://t.co/ySzbJJjblh — Flowers from Kenya! (@flowerskenya) February 5, 2021


OASIS® Grower Solutions

As seen on the internet: Easy, ready-to-stick Fertiss®plugs stand by, ready to spring into action for an upcoming shipment of cuttings at Hartman's Towne & Country Greenhouse in Manitowoc, Wisconsin. #PropagatingMore pic.twitter.com/Crl1FRppPB — OASIS® Grower Solutions (@GrowerOasis) February 3, 2021


Elgon Collection

A great morning spent in the greenhouses on the top farm with a couple of our resident monkeys coming over to say hello 🌹🌿#mountelgonorchards #elgoncollection #roseswithaheartofgold pic.twitter.com/FobFtMlCXa — Elgon Collection (@elgoncollection) February 2, 2021


Pepperpot Nursery

1 litre pots sitting in the tunnels, over wintering and waiting to put on more growth. pic.twitter.com/lcBfmQ1pY4 — Pepperpot Nursery (@pepperpotherbs) February 2, 2021


Battlefield Farms

  Heuchera anyone?? Here is just a taste of our Heuchera starts! Rainbow of foliage! pic.twitter.com/8nv4sR0BFZ — Battlefield Farms (@BattlefieldFarm) January 29, 2021

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