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Neil Alcock ‏

Week 34 updates - Heuchera Plug and P9 Trolley deals β€” Neil Alcock (@NeilAlcock) August 23, 2019


Fibrex Nurseries

Trying to do our bit πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘. Hope your ferns do well for you. β€” Fibrex Nurseries (@FibrexNurseries) August 22, 2019



sometimes erythrina crista gali flowers when only a few months old #unpredictable β€” Plantbase (@Plantbaseuk) August 21, 2019


Howard Nurseries

Have you seen this months @TEGmagazine ? @HowardNurseries have a feature on our #Suffolk #Iris fields with some amazing photos from @RichardBloom_ This one didn't make the magazine but what a breath-taking photo. Just had to share it with you. Enjoy. β€” Howard Nurseries (@HowardNurseries) May 28, 2019


Thiel's Greenhouses

Just a few of the fine growers I got to hang out w at AB Grower Day #RedDeer SO inspiring. Fun! PLUS swag that actually fits my bobblehead!🀠 Time to plan for #Spring2020 #flowers #veggies @BallHort @DummenOrangeNA Where's Dustin?πŸ€”πŸ“’ Thx @hortguy85 #greatday ! β€” Thiel's Greenhouses (@ThielsGH) August…


Plantbase ‏

big flower, small plant hymenoxis grandiflora β€” Plantbase (@Plantbaseuk) August 16, 2019


Gerbera United ‏

Slowly there comes some color at the gerbera plants of the new location Nootdorp of Gerbera United β€” Gerbera United (@GerberaUnited) August 14, 2019


Lynde Greenhouse & Nursery

Garden Mums are growing! #Flowers β€” Lynde Greenhouse & Nursery (@LyndeGreenhouse) August 13, 2019


Peter van Rijssen ‏

Vaccinium Flamingo production. This is the worlds first variegated blueberry! β€” Peter van Rijssen (@PlantippPeter) August 13, 2019


MetrolinaGreenhouses ‏

We had a great week celebrating our Spring season with all employees this week. We truly appreciate each and every one of you for making #metrolinagreenhouses such a great place to work and grow! #employeeappreciation #greenhousegrowings β€” MetrolinaGreenhouses (@MetrolinaGHS) August 9, 2019


The English Gardener

My fabulous trip to @RHSWisley to meet my #HortiFamily is now on @YouTube 🌱🌱🌱🌱🌱🌱🌱🌱Thanks again to @Matthew_Pottage @yorkieswife & @paul_atk79 for their time, next time @peter_goodchild 😁 🌸 β€œBehind the Scenes in the Propagation House was awesome” β€” The English…

@CanadaleCrew ‏

Found a little friend in the greenhouse 🦎 #lizard #greenhousevisitor #canadale β€” (@CanadaleCrew) August 7, 2019


MetrolinaGreenhouses ‏

Over the next four weeks we will be diving into the four main features that make Metrolina a sustainable greenhouse! Join us to learn more about our water source, biomass heating system, recycling of plastic trays and pots, and pest control! #sustainableoperation #growinggreen β€” MetrolinaGreenhouses…


Fleuroselect ‏

A great way to remember our visit to Benary the beginning of last month during our Convention. And what a view of the amazing trials! β€” Fleuroselect (@Fleuroselect) August 6, 2019


Allensmore Nurseries ‏

First batch of pansies potted, ready for end of August #pansy #allensmore β€” Allensmore Nurseries (@ANurseries) August 3, 2019


Vicky & Richard Fox

Pictures from #RHSTatton this morning ..hope you can make it? Find #plantagogo in Floral marquee FM27 @The_RHS #gardening #plants #heuchera #heucherella and #tiarella β€” Vicky & Richard Fox (@plantagogo) July 19, 2019


Syngenta Flowers Europe

We perked up this roundabout with Sunfinity sunflowers and Calliope geraniums. You can find it close to our location in De Lier, NL. #calliopemylife #sunfinity β€” Syngenta Flowers Europe (@SyngentaFlowers) July 17, 2019



Being wowed at a trade only plant nursery. So many pretty colours to look at and checking out & comparing the potential new varieties that might be available in the future. #exciting #newplants #trending #futureplans #garden β€” Allwoods (@AllwoodsPlants) July 16, 2019


Bell Nursery

Our team checking out the innovative robotics at #Cultivate19 β€” Bell Nursery (@BellNursery) July 15, 2019


LAN Washington

Celebrating 90 years of @Americanhort with beautiful flower displays! Huge presence of Dutch hort companies at #Cultivate19 β€” LAN Washington (@AgUSACAN) July 14, 2019


Marie-Louise Agius

Extraordinarily proud that H.R.H The Prince of Wales officially opened my Centenary Garden @exburygardens yesterday. A celebration of collaboration for all those involved. Amazing day. β€” Marie-Louise Agius (@agiusml) July 11, 2019


AmericanHort ‏

The first load of plants has arrived! Set-up is about to get a lot more colorful at #Cultivate19 β€” AmericanHort (@American_Hort) July 10, 2019


grown in wales ‏

The summer nursery. These plants will supply the cuttings that will grow into the amazing #peatfree plants that will be found on #Welsh garden centres next spring β€” grown in wales (@coileyparjley) July 8, 2019


Carbon Charter ‏

Lowering their #CarbonFootprint with solar panels, this weeks #CharterTuesday #sustainability heroes @HowardNurseries lead the way - visit #CarbonCharter #Norfolk & #Suffolk #SMEUK ’s can reduce #CarbonFootprint @BeeAnglia β€” Carbon Charter…


Hawkesmill Nurseries ‏

This #bird needs to fly free in a #perennial #aviary of #bud and #flower . The #Digiplexis Illumination 'Berry Canary' has stunning plumes of bright rosy red/salmon pink #blooms and #feathery #foliage of bright green. β€” Hawkesmill Nurseries (@HawkesmillNurs) July 8, 2019


Syngenta Flowers Europe ‏

World record for our Calliope Geraniums! Our colleague Neil went sky high and completed the world record attempt for the World's Highest Hanging Basket: 6065 feet/1854m above ground level! #CalliopeMyLife β€” Syngenta Flowers Europe (@SyngentaFlowers) July 5, 2019


Fibrex Nurseries ‏

The National Collection of Pelargoniums is looking glorious right now. You should come and see 😁 here’s a video of some of it.. β€” Fibrex Nurseries (@FibrexNurseries) July 3, 2019


Little Leaf Farms ‏

Even from way up high, you can see those gorgeous greens. Our greenhouse roof is constructed from the highest quality glass to let plenty of sun in! β˜€οΈ πŸ“Έ: @dfortincreative β€” Little Leaf Farms (@LittleLeafFarms) July 2, 2019


Vicky & Richard Fox ‏

A gorgeous Gold medal met us this morning at #RHSHampton what a smashing way to start the show !! #heuchera #heucherella and #tiarella β€” Vicky & Richard Fox (@plantagogo) July 2, 2019


Kwekerij Bas vd Wilt ‏

Chtistmas has started in our nursery ........ β€” Kwekerij Bas vd Wilt (@BasWilt) July 1, 2019


Mullerseeds ‏

Sometimes you can say a lot with same flowers. Today we made Katinka and Ilka from Muller Bloemzaden happy with flowers. β€” Mullerseeds (@Mullerseeds) June 27, 2019


Beekenkamp Plants ‏

SHOWGARDEN 2019 RESULTS! Our LaBella Dahlia Maggiore has been voted most popular plant! No. 2 the Sunbelievable and no. 3 is the Dreams MacaRouge. They are so beautiful! #FlowerTrials2019 #Whereplantsmeetpeople #Showgarden #Trade #Sunbelievable #LaBellaDahlia #DreamsMacaRouge β€” Beekenkamp Plants…


Claire Batten ‏

Jeff was on a mission this afternoon potting Protea seedlings @PenberthPlants all sown in January. @The_RHS these really are British grown! β€” Claire Batten (@PenberthClaire) June 25, 2019


Pottertons Nursery ‏

Recycling plant pots is the first job of the day for Jacky and Elly. β€” Pottertons Nursery (@PottertonRob) June 24, 2019


Thiel's Greenhouses ‏

Guess which thing just doesn't belong here🎢 new @1BIOBEST BFF is S.carpocapsae. A microscopic googbug that takes out moth larvae. Adios nasty loopers! YOU don't belong here. The puppy? Well she can hang here all day long🌞 #IPM #biocontrol β€” Thiel's Greenhouses (@ThielsGH) June 20, 2019

@CanadaleCrew 2 u ‏

Why start small? These huge veggies will give you a head start with your harvest at home! πŸ…πŸŒΆπŸ₯’ #growyourown #homegrown #backyardharvest #canadale β€” (@CanadaleCrew) June 19, 2019


Desch Plantpak ‏

Looking forward to another busy day at the @HTAnews National Plant Show. Nick proudly showing off one of our post-consumer waste grey pots β€˜Recover’. Visit us in hall 1, stand 245. β€” Desch Plantpak (@deschplantpak) June 19, 2019


Gedney Bulb Company ‏

Today is the day! @HTAnews 2019 is finally here! We're on stand 79/73, just look out for the wall of plants and a very smiley Andy and Steve #hta #horticulture #tradeshow #alpines #herbaceous #openground #bareroot #springbulbs #hardyperennials #hardyplants #gigfy β€” Gedney Bulb Company (@GedneyBulb)…


Elgon Collection ‏

Happy Monday 🌹🌿 #mountelgonorchards #kenya #roses β€” Elgon Collection (@elgoncollection) June 17, 2019


Kew Gardens

Did you know...? Before the use of high-quality photography, an artist was often the first to officially document many of the newly discovered plants for science records. ✏️🎨 β€” Kew Gardens (@kewgardens) June 13, 2019


Lea Valley Growers ‏

Lea Valley Growers welcome the Flower-Loving Queen #BritishFlowersWeek 60 Years ago this month β€” Lea Valley Growers (@LeaValleyGrower) June 13, 2019


A.M.A. Horticulture Inc.

Saw some big blooms @FlowersBySakata today! From left to right, "Dainty" Calceolaria (our fav from today), "Fortune" tuber begonia (excellent shelf life) and Petchoa BeautiCal in French Vanilla (cross between petunia and calibrochoa). 😍 β€” A.M.A. Horticulture Inc. (@amahort) June 11, 2019


Barnsfold Nurseries ‏

Flower Trials day 1 - Petunia King of Hearts - the queen has found her king.... β€” Barnsfold Nurseries (@Barnsfold) June 11, 2019


Double H ‏

It's been a busy but enjoyable @OpenFarmSunday for us, hope all our visitors had a great time and learnt more about commercial horticulture😊😍 #OFS19 β€” Double H (@DoubleHuk) June 9, 2019


Pan American Nursery

Some of our Dianthus heading out the door! In full bloom at our BC Nursery, these low growing perennials have a sweet scent to attract pollinators, and bright colours to attract gardeners! #onlythebest #perennials β€” Pan American Nursery (@PanAmNursery) June 6, 2019


Plant Heritage

We're highlighting plant groups not registered as National Collections @RHS #ChatsworthFlowerShow . Could you have a National Collection of these plants? Get in touch. β€” Plant Heritage (@Plantheritage) June 6, 2019


Taylors Bulbs

Enjoying a fantastic display of alliums right now; here are Ambassador, christophii, Globemaster, schubertii, Violet Beauty and Ostara #allium #alliums #purple β€” Taylors Bulbs (@taylorsbulbs) June 4, 2019


trinog Greenhouse

Nursery greenhouse for tropical area, side wall cover with insect net. #greenhouse #tropical #insectnet β€” trinog Greenhouse (@Trinog_xs) June 4, 2019


Thiel's Greenhouses ‏

We came, we planted, we ate ice cream! πŸŒ±πŸ’œπŸŒž #bestteamever #greenhouselife #lovemyjob #growit #liveit β€” Thiel's Greenhouses (@ThielsGH) June 3, 2019

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