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Lock Succulents

#succulents in #spring #echeveria rundelli in #bloom — Lock Succulents (@LockSucculents) April 18, 2019


Theisen Greenhouse ‏

Our @GrowBasewell from @DummenOrangeNA dahlias have grown a lot on the few weeks that we have had them! — Theisen Greenhouse (@JTheisenInc) April 16, 2019


Elgon Collection ‏

Production Report 🌹🌿 Read more >> << #mountelgonorchards #roses #kenya — Elgon Collection (@elgoncollection) April 15, 2019



Which would you prefer? 1. A basket of eggs 🥚 🥚🥚 2. A basket of colorful flowers 🌸 🌺 🌸 #easterflowers #easterbasket #eastereggs #easter #westfield #williamsnursery — williamsnursery (@williamsnursery) April 14, 2019


Holstein Flowers ‏

Our Diamond Package gives maximum protection to our flowers and improves quality and vaselife because the gerberas are transported in water. And besides that, it makes a great presentation. Watch how we prepare the Diamond Package! #gerbera #package #quality #presentation — Holstein Flowers…


Prenplants ‏

The first of the new #recyclable taupe pots have left the nursery this week. #peatfree #environmentallyfriendly — Prenplants (@prenplants) April 11, 2019


Fabulous fat friends ‏

Thousands of OUTDOOR fat friends are leaving the nursery these weeks. Most of the OUTDOOR friends are born in our nursery and leave when strong enough for the next step. And soon ... They are coming your way with a bag full of friendschip and love ... xxx — fabulous fat friends (@fabfatfriends) April…


Taylors Bulbs ‏

Busy preparing for our Daffodil Day on Wednesday this week #daffodilday19 #daffodil #daffodils — Taylors Bulbs (@taylorsbulbs) April 8, 2019


Hofland Flowering Pl ‏

First flower in our #Exacumaffine 😍☀️😍☀️. #sunnyday #hofland #spring — Hofland Flowering Pl (@F_Hofland) April 8, 2019


Suzanne W ‏

Love my job! #spring — Suzanne W (@BugladySuzanne) April 4, 2019


Pan American Nursery ‏

Located in the city of Surrey in beautiful British Columbia, our Western Nurseries growing fields are almost full! #onlythebest #perennials #shrubs #fruits #vines #rosesbypanam #roses — Pan American Nursery (@PanAmNursery) April 3, 2019


GreenWayBloom ‏

Lots of growing happening at #greenwaybloom ! Who else is excited for #spring ?! — GreenWayBloom (@GreenWayBloom) April 2, 2019


Lynde Greenhouse ‏

Our Garden Center is now open!! Stop by to visit with us after such a long winter!! — Lynde Greenhouse (@LyndeGreenhouse) April 1, 2019

Vicky & Richard Fox ‏ @plantagogo

Heucherella 'Art Nouveau' on the nursery, fresh green leaves, a dark violet heart and masses of white flowers in Summer. We've got plenty of these ready now for sale now! #gardening #plants #Heucherella — Vicky & Richard Fox (@plantagogo) April 1,…


Pan American Nursery

Our greenhouses are bursting with beautiful Lavender! Spring is finally here! #onlythebest #perennials — Pan American Nursery (@PanAmNursery) March 28, 2019



Taking Dahlia cuttings to increase our stock. So many beautiful varieties to choose from. Very difficult to have a favourite. #BritishFlowers #flowersfromthefarm — @chilternskyflowers (@chilternskyflo1) March 27, 2019


Susana Magallón

Specimen number 1,500,000 is being registered at the National Herbarium of Mexico (MEXU). It is a Hydrangea named in honor of our late colleague, Mario Souza. — Susana Magallón (@AngiosSusana) March 26, 2019


Nick Bailey

I had the privilege of meeting a Horticultural Hero this month. #RaymondEvison is the most prolific clematis breeder on the planet and kindly showed me his vast nursery on Guernsey. He rejects 98% of the crosses he breeds leading to a range of award winning cultivars. #clematis — Nick Bailey…


A.M.A. Horticulture Inc.

Protect your shipments. Pallet & Cart Wraps in stock. Top Covers & Big Bags too. We use it here every day. Great prices. By the case or pallet. Canada & USA. #stretchwrap #palletwrap #greenhouse #agriculture #horticulture — A.M.A. Horticulture Inc. (@amahort) March…



Touring some amazing cactus and succulent growers in California. I love these golden Barrel cactus. #cactus #succulent #cactus 🌵 #barrelcactus — williamsnursery (@williamsnursery) March 21, 2019


Worfield Plants ‏

#Top10Plants Spring Tip Calluna Collection 1L: These are providing bright foliage colours which last for a long period and are perfect for early impulse sales. — Worfield Plants (@WorfieldPlants) March 21, 2019


Heeman's ‏

Happy #FirstDayOfSpring friends! Clearly, we’re excited. 😂 ps - we know Springs officially starts later today, but can you blame us for celebrating a few hours early? 😁 — Heeman's (@Heemans) March 20, 2019


Belgicactus ‏

Good morning 🌞, say hello to our Sempervivum Coral Red 💪👌❤️ #sempervivum #coralred #sempervivumcoralred — Belgicactus (@Belgicactus) March 18, 2019


Elgon Collection ‏

Our Crested Crane family trio taking flight 🍃 Did you know that these magnificent birds are crucial for a balanced ecosystem? Read more >> << #kenya #wildlife #facts #mountelgonorchards — Elgon Collection (@elgoncollection) March 18, 2019


sarah crowson ‏

Great day ⁦ @Horticap ⁩ potting bedding plants with my friend Mark some customers would be great now as road works causing issues please support this great charity — sarah crowson (@Sarah_Crowson) March 13, 2019


Lock Succulents ‏

While waiting for our succulents to #grow enjoy the fresh spring #green of #cupressus — Lock Succulents (@LockSucculents) March 14, 2019


Kurtz Farms ‏

Signs of Spring! — Kurtz Farms (@KurtzFarmsCT) March 12, 2019

@FibrexNurseries 2 u

Fibrex Nurseries ‏

Spreading the new biological control this morning, encarsia being only 1 of 4 new insects introduced for the benefit of the plants🌸. This one’s a tiny little mite that hobbles up whitefly, spidermite & thrip if you happen to have it. Marvellous little creatures 😊 — Fibrex Nurseries…


Four Star Greenhouse ‏

See our amazing new Auto Stix machine in action as it takes biodegradable strips of cuttings and uniformly sticks them at a rate of up to 10,000 cuttings per hour! — Four Star Greenhouse (@PWFourStar) March 8, 2019


Elgon Collection ‏

#HappyInternationalWomensDay to all of the women in our lives who inspire, encourage and strengthen us everyday 🌹🍃 — Elgon Collection (@elgoncollection) March 8, 2019


Gedney Bulb Company ‏

Stepping onto our Cash and Carry really makes you feel like #Spring is nearly here! We have some stunning varieties of Tulips, Daffodils and other spring bulbs, collect from the nursery or order online #gigfy #spring #flowering #daffodil #tulip #wholesale — Gedney Bulb Company…


Hills Plants ‏

A little bit of pink to brighten up your rainy day.... #britishgrown #hydrangeas — Hills Plants (@Hills_Plants) March 4, 2019



And so it begins.... we have started posting plants out!! — Allwoods (@AllwoodsPlants) March 5, 2019


Devon Croft Nursery ‏

The Nursery is getting ready to reopen for Spring. However, due to current circumstances will now reopen on Saturday 9th March. — Devon Croft Nursery (@DCNurseries) March 3, 2019


Head Gardener Plants ‏

Over 800 Romneyas up now 😊 — Head Gardener Plants (@HeadPlants) March 1, 2019


FAM Flower Farm ‏

Good morning from the greenhouse full of tulips in Holland 🌱🌷 #tulips #tulpen #greenhouse — FAM Flower Farm (@FAMFlowerFarm1) February 27, 2019


Vicky & Richard Fox ‏

Potting, potting, potting we've gone to pot! It's the most glorious weather for working outside 😃😃Never normal in a million years but we're making hay while the sun shines 😃😃🌱🌱🍁🌱🌱🍁 — Vicky & Richard Fox (@plantagogo) February 25, 2019


Farplants ‏

3 million herbs and 3 great smiles, our team work hard to bring so many fresh herbs to garden centres across the UK #herbs #sussexgrown @TristramPlants — Farplants (@Farplants) February 25, 2019


Peter van Rijssen ‏

At Vettori in Italy the Ever Red Loropetalum looks promising! New plants are growing well in sunny Italy #vettori @matteoragni_eu — Peter van Rijssen (@PlantippPeter) February 25, 2019


Hortus Loci

Tunnels looking fantastic! A little bit of sunshine moving things along nicely 🌱☀️ — Hortus Loci (@HortusLoci) February 21, 2019



A greener world with our santini Lorenzo Photo: Nursery De Monnikenwaard #chrysant #chrysanthemum #floritec @Monnikenwaard — Floritec (@Floritec1) February 21, 2019


Fibrex Nurseries ‏

It’s oh so quiet... Waiting for spring. — Fibrex Nurseries (@FibrexNurseries) February 19, 2019


Allwoods ‏

Do you remember my post on 11th January about all the cuttings we had to put in? Well 1 month on and here are some of them being delivered. Plants are amazing!! #happycustomer #carnations #youngplants #spring #nurserylife #greenhousegrowing — Allwoods (@AllwoodsPlants) February 19, 2019


Florist Holland B.V. ‏

These pictures were taken at a flower market in Armenia. Beautiful colourful presentations and all on the hood of a car or on a self made table. We even spotted some Alstroemeria from Hilverdakooij. #gerbera #alstroemeria #florist #flowermarket #flowers #armenia — Florist Holland B.V.…


Allensmore Nurseries ‏

What a glorious spring morning in Herefordshire today showing customers around our nursery — Allensmore Nurseries (@ANurseries) February 15, 2019


Elgon Collection ‏

Happy Valentine’s Day to all. Here’s to being showered in love and roses 🌹🍃 #HappyValentines — Elgon Collection (@elgoncollection) February 14, 2019


Barendsen Aalsmeer ‏

#ValentinesDay #roses #red Love is in the air !! @barendsenexport — Barendsen Aalsmeer (@barendsenexport) February 11, 2019


Lynde Greenhouse ‏

Growing Green — Lynde Greenhouse (@LyndeGreenhouse) February 11, 2019


Flores El Moral ‏

Our bet for this Valentine was on 3 millions of Rose stems and 500,000 Alstroemeria stems that reached 6 destination countries to express the feeling of Valentine 2019 — Flores El Moral (@floreselmoral) February 8, 2019


grown in wales ‏

coming along nicely — grown in wales (@coileyparjley) February 7, 2019


The Propagator ‏

At Harrell’s we are delighted to exhibit at Pro Green for the first time. Come see us at booth 2100 to talk about the industry leading Polyon technology, the latest in biocontrols and much more! — The Propagator (@The1Propagator) February 6, 2019


Griffin Glasshouses ‏

RT @chessingtongc : It may have been snowing but the signs of spring are showing in our plant area! #snowday #daffodils #springiscoming — Griffin Glasshouses (@GriffinGlasshse) February 6, 2019


Gedney Bulb Company ‏

*Drum Roll* CASH AND CARRY NOW OPEN FOR 2019! Many of you will be as excited as we are for this! You can come back to Gedney and pick out your trays and be back on the road in no time! #cashncarry #wholesalenursery #plants #alpines #herbaceous #springbulbs #winter #spring #gigfy — Gedney Bulb Company…


Johnsons Xpress ‏

With nearly 100 years experience here's everything you need to know about our nursery ➡️➡️➡️ — Johnsons Xpress (@WhixleyXpress) February 4, 2019


Guy Massey ‏

Nursery walk this morning. #snow #Horticulture — Guy Massey (@Gjm841) February 1, 2019

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