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Vicky & Richard Fox

Heuchera Cranberry covered in snow & frozen solid outsideHeuchera Lime Marmalade frozen solid inside (pleased no snow! lol)Both will come through, Cranberry will need a trim in Spring to tidy up but will grow back so fast!Orders taken now shipped March #heuchera#hardyplants — Vicky & Richard Fox🌱 (@plantagogo) January…


Bell Nursery

Pansy season is right around the corner! @brettguthrie8 @Pat_Fischetti @brianfrombell @dennison_bryan @KOKOLGM @ChristineTHD — Bell Nursery (@BellNursery) January 23, 2021


Earley Ornamentals

We’re ready for 2021 The reality of Brexit is now being felt. Already, we’ve seen an uplift in orders with customers choosing an established UK supply chain. As a UK producer, we are in a good position for 2021. Find out more here - — Earley Ornamentals (@EarleyPlants) January 21,…


Neil Alcock

Lots of nice orders going out! Early potting =early sales! 😀 — Neil Alcock (@NeilAlcock) January 21, 2021



The #rose is known to have been cultivated in a plethora of ancient places, including Egypt, Babylon, China & Greece. In many countries around the world, the #rose is a symbol of love.❤️In 2020, the #CPVO granted an #EU-wide #PlantVarietyRight to 183 new varieties of roses.🌹🇪🇺 — CPVO (@CPVOTweets) January…



Loving the leaves of this Heuchera Huckleberry #peatfree #plants #gardening #growninsussex — Prenplants (@prenplants) January 19, 2021


Lewis Normand

Right, it’s my birthday today & at the ripe old age of 42, I need very little in my life. Perhaps as a gift to me & indeed all in Horticulture, you could sign, share & encourage this petition to get us better representation in Parliament?Thanks awfully — Lewis Normand (@iplantsman) January 18, 2021


Roos rosesuk

‘Dancing Queen’ - rather suitable I think for today’s @papaver start the weekend disco! Take care everyone #StaySafe #roses @kgimson @Pollieslilies @JaniceShipp @ChattyGardener @GardenBrocante @loujnicholls @charbhardy @valgardening — 🌹rosesuk (@rosesukroses) January 15, 2021


Brandon Settlemyre

I'm round, evergreen and only reach 3 feet x 3 feet in 10 years. I'm cold hardy, & I look good all the time, oh & I'm a top seller because I keep my shape & size. Who am I? #settlemyrenursery #plantnursery #valdesenc — Brandon Settlemyre (@bushman28690) January 14, 2021


Bransford Webbs

With our reps unable to visit customers at the moment, we have started trialling some virtual visits. This enables us to show current stock whilst keeping in contact. Thank you to Graham at Swarkestone Nursery for being our first visit. — Bransford Webbs (@BransfordWebbs) January 12, 2021


Lynde Greenhouse & Nursery

It's a happy day to be a plant! Enjoy the sunshine! — Lynde Greenhouse & Nursery (@LyndeGreenhouse) January 11, 2021


Barnsfold Nurseries

New year new lorry. Preparation well underway for 2021! — Barnsfold Nurseries (@Barnsfold) January 11, 2021


Fibrex Nurseries

Flowering up for the day... it’s looking pretty grim out there, I don’t know about you but I’m looking forward to tomorrow’s promised sunshine ☀️ This little gem is called ‘Fancy That’. I’m pretty sure that should be the name of a racehorse. Maybe it is? Anyway, it’s Gorgeous! — Fibrex Nurseries (@FibrexNurseries) January…


FLOWERHUB — FLOWERHUB (@FlowerHub_AUS) January 7, 2021


Lynde Greenhouse & Nursery

Happy New Year! With a new year brings new beginnings! Our Easter Lilies have started their journey! — Lynde Greenhouse & Nursery (@LyndeGreenhouse) January 5, 2021


Elgon Collection

Exquisite moonlight captured from our greenhouses 🌹🌿#mountelgonorchards #elgoncollection #roseswithaheartofgold — Elgon Collection (@elgoncollection) January 5, 2021


David Austin Roses

Here is Silas Marner, a rose variety we released last year. But, we want to know if you were to breed your own rose, what colour would it be? And what scent would it have? #RoseGarden #DavidAustinRoses — David Austin Roses (@DAustinRoses) January 3, 2021


JZ Flowers

Merry Christmas everyone. Is anyone missing a leprechaun? last seen at our Irish facility 🍀 #MerryChristmas — JZ Flowers (@jz_flowers) December 23, 2020


Howard Nurseries

Foggy start …. someone has been having fun over night knocking pots over in container area. 🐇☹️ — Howard Nurseries (@HowardNurseries) December 23, 2020



Congratulations to our employees who are retiring this year! We appreciate you all for your hard work, dedication and passion. Thank you Jay Kobylarz, Dave Ingalls, Sandy Cruise, Jeff Woolsey, Marsha Berls, Jacques Parenteau, Randy Lawing, Sim McMurry and Tom Cruise. — MetrolinaGreenhouses (@MetrolinaGHS) December…



#AdventCalendar #adventofroses #WinterSolstice for the #shortestday it’s ‘Dynamic Duo’! Have good day, take care #StaySafe @ChattyGardener @charbhardy @GdnMediaGuild @GardenBrocante @kgimson @Pollieslilies @papaver @JaniceShipp @valgardening @loujnicholls — 🌹rosesuk (@rosesukroses) December 21, 2020


World Love Flowers

Happy Tulip Fact: There are over 150 species of tulips with over 3,000 different varieties. #WorldLoveFlowers #Flowers #loveflowers🌸#FlowerLove #tulips🌷 — World Love Flowers (@worldloveflower) December 18, 2020

@HeadPlants · 22h

Head Gardener Plants - Wholesale

Another crop that we are extremely proud of is Romneya coulteri, the Californian Tree Poppy. We propagate these by roots, these dull little pots will be bursting with life next year 🤞 — Head Gardener Plants - Wholesale (@HeadPlants) December 16, 2020

@HowardNurseries · 1h

Howard Nurseries

New availability list out this week.Office staff finish on Friday 18th December till Monday 4th January.First dispatch of orders and collection for new year Thursday 7th January. — Howard Nurseries (@HowardNurseries) December 16, 2020


OZ Export Gruppo Italia

Lensli Substrates

Taylors Bulbs

Chosen carefully, you can have 6 months + of daffodils in bloom. Our earliest variety Spring Dawn has started already and we will have different varieties in flower right through Spring with the season finishing up with the likes of Pheasants Eye in May. #daffodils #ukgrown — Taylors Bulbs (@taylorsbulbs) December…


Sunny Meadows Flower Farm

Hamifleurs Russia & Ukraine

How far do COVID particles travel through the air?

This Japanese-built super computer shows how far COVID-19 particles travel through the air without a face mask to stop them.



Qualitree Propagators closely resembles a Dutch-style nursery. The company now covers close to 100 acres of land with approximately 750,000 square feet (almost 17 acres) of greenhouse production area for its propagation and finished plant lines. — IPPS-WR (@Ippswr) December 4, 2020

@BallColorLink · 15h

Ball ColorLink

#Caladium as a holiday plant? Yes please! #gardenanswer shows us how to get our holiday caladium on..... — Ball ColorLink (@BallColorLink) December 2, 2020


Lynde Greenhouse & Nursery

Who's got their poinsettia yet?? — Lynde Greenhouse & Nursery (@LyndeGreenhouse) December 1, 2020



Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving. It's the last couple of weeks that we ship poinsettias, so we want to fill your feeds with some final shots of the season! #aroundthegreenhouse #poinsettiaseason — MetrolinaGreenhouses (@MetrolinaGHS) November 30, 2020



Oh how we love the spots of this Vanda Liem Tek Song ‘NN’! #orchids #flowers #asheville #epiphytes #apptropicals #wnc #orchid #houseplants #plants #weship — AppalachianTropicals (@AppTropicals) November 30, 2020


United Selections

Madam Pink, the Third Member in the Madam's Family. via @YouTube #colourfulfuture#unitedselectionsbreeding — United Selections (@u_selections) November 27, 2020  


OASIS Grower Solutions

Today, and every day, OASIS® Grower Solutions gives thanks for all the hard-working growers out there! Now, please pass the potatoes, and the peas, and the yams, and... — OASIS® Grower Solutions (@GrowerOasis) November 26, 2020


Earley Ornamentals

Striking new colour additions to our 2021 Petunia range include Crazytunia® Moonstruck and Crazytunia® Purple Storm. An additional summer choice is BeautiCal®. Growing in popularity, two new colours Bordeaux and French Vanilla were introduced in 2020. — Earley Ornamentals (@EarleyPlants) November…


Taylors Bulbs

Busy morning for Kev and the team; they’ve been bringing the first daffodils out of the cold store and into the glasshouses to grow on ready for picking. In a few weeks time, these UK grown daffodils will be brightening homes across the country with their golden blooms. #daffodil — Taylors Bulbs (@taylorsbulbs) November…


Lynde Greenhouse & Nursery

Need an extra hand this season?? — Lynde Greenhouse & Nursery (@LyndeGreenhouse) November 20, 2020

Hort Americas


Fibrex Nurseries

Not helpful, Artie. 😂 — Fibrex Nurseries (@FibrexNurseries) November 18, 2020

Dallas Bergstrom


Tanya Carvalho

A sea of rich red with pops of glitter welcomed me when I visited Linwell Gardens last week! Christmas Bells, my favourite 2020 introduction from Selecta One North America, and Superba Glitter looked outstanding! ❤️ #poinsettias #poinsettia #ballhorticultural @SelectaOneNA — Tanya Carvalho (@TanyaCRocks) November…

@fargro ·


The West Sussex Growers Association fundraiser set up by Fargro's MD Richard Hopkins alongside John Hall managed to raise £2,700 for @BBCCiN!#Childreninneed #rickshawchallenge — fargro (@fargro) November 16, 2020

Westerlay Orchids


Kurtz Farms

Red, although the most popular, is not the only color of poinsettias. Enjoy the short video of some of other options we offer at The Home Depot! Colors for every decor! @BillRodgers_12 @ChristineTHD @Mike_Attar @NicoletteH17 @corelli189 @ShayThomasTHD @KJChamberland — Kurtz Farms (@KurtzFarmsCT) November 11,…

Dubai Miracle Garden


          View this post on Instagram                   In full bloom 💐 Did you know that the Dubai Miracle Garden is now open? Starting November 1, the largest natural flower garden in the world is back in business and is welcoming visitors yet again. 😍 Take note of these details if you're planning a visit! 𝐎𝐩𝐞𝐧𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐡𝐨𝐮𝐫𝐬 9:00 am - 9:00 pm on weekdays 9:00 am - 11:00 pm on Fridays, Saturdays, and Public Holidays 𝐓𝐢𝐜𝐤𝐞𝐭𝐬 Dh55 for adults (over 12 years old) Dh40 for children aged 12 years old and below Have you been here? If not, bookmark…



Nuestra gente es el motor que nos impulsa hacia adelante. — FLORES EL CAPIRO S.A (@florescapiro) November 10, 2020


Elgon Collection

What a beautiful sunrise after a night of heavy rain 🌹🌿#mountelgonorchards #elgoncollection #roseswithaheartofgold — Elgon Collection (@elgoncollection) November 9, 2020


Kurtz Farms

We’re looking forward to brightening your season! #Poinsettias are said to symbolize good cheer and we are sending the first of many to the Home Depot tonight! — Kurtz Farms (@KurtzFarmsCT) November 5, 2020


Neil Alcock

Nice batch of #peatfree santolina Lemon Fizz available now — Neil Alcock (@NeilAlcock) November 5, 2020


Pepperpot Nursery

The prop tunnel is virtually full (there’s still some space on the left) so lots of herb plants to come in 2021 — Pepperpot Nursery (@pepperpotherbs) November 3, 2020



It’s Election Day! Here is a living bouquet of Potinara Burana Beauty ‘Burana’ to enjoy. #vote #orchids #flowers #asheville #apptropicals #asheville #wnc #orchid #houseplants #avl #plants #orchidnursery #weship — AppalachianTropicals (@AppTropicals) November 3, 2020


Fibrex Nurseries

In case you’re wondering what we’ve been up to... we’ve been taking a few Pellie cuttings for next year.. — Fibrex Nurseries (@FibrexNurseries) November 2, 2020

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