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US: Substrate scientist to study future of soilless systems

There is an unprecedented growing global demand for soilless substrates in horticulture due to the increased production of ornamental, vegetable, soft fruit, and Cannabis crops in soilless growing systems.  While many may be familiar with hydroponic and aquaponic systems, most crops in soilless growing systems…

New gel growing medium for better propagator growth announced

Proterra Ag announces a new gel grow medium, HYPERroots™, which aims to enable propagators to achieve higher yields consistently, with minimal OpEx. Testing in CEA and with conventional outdoor growers shows that, compared to other existing substrates, "HYPERroots reduce the amount of water required to…

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The benefits of coco coir in hydroponics

In a hydroponic system, a grower does not use traditional media. Instead, other media are employed to provide a safe and secure growing area for plant roots. Of these media, one of the most popular is coco coir, which offers many benefits that make this media a go-to for the majority of all growers in…

Horticultural growers protesting in Dublin

"Horticulture sector abandoned by government's inaction"

Horticultural growers, led by IFA President Tim Cullinan, were protesting outside Leinster House in Dublin on Wednesday, October 13. The protest highlighted the ongoing challenges around harvesting horticultural peat and its central role in the sector. The matter will be raised in the Senate on October…

Launch of Biogrow Philippines

"Philippines offer great potential for coco substrate market"

Over the last couple of years, the supply of coco peat for the horticultural industry has not been easy. The weather in production countries like Sri Lanka and India, a shortage of processing facilities, logistical challenges, and then Covid-19 have all been great challenges for the industry. When the…

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Learn to go low-peat or peat-free successfully

For many in the industry, this year’s Great Lakes Fruit, Vegetable and Farm Market EXPO and Greenhouse Growers EXPO are the first chance to gather together again. The Grand Rapids, Michigan-based show is chock-full of meetings, education sessions, and chances to connect with other growers, vendors, and…

"We processed a bio-based binder into stabilized plugs"

Organic Shapes BV is a producer of stabilized substrates for seed, cuttings, and tissue culture applications for professional horticulture. The company already has well over 25 years of experience in substrates and their stabilization, as well as the propagation of young plants. Organic Shapes was…

James Kapombe, Cocogrow:

Kenya: "In addition to coco peat, we are producing ropes to reduce waste"

The high amount of coconut husk waste in Kenya and the need for coco peat among horticulture growers is what made James Kapombe establish his own company Cocogrow in 2018. Cocogrow produces coco peat locally, which is not the usual route to follow as 99% of coco peat in Kenya is still imported from other…

NL: Substrate trial Lisianthus on ErfGoed cultivation floor

Cut flower cultivation in the soil presents a number of challenges. Plant health, water, and environmental aspects, energy consumption, and cultivation optimization are just a few of them. Reason for ErfGoed to look for an all-around solution together with a number of partners, including Van der Knaap.…

"Potworm control in orchids more feasible through correct substrate choice"

An orchid trial with three different substrates has been completed in the innovation centre 'De Kas' of the Van der Knaap Group. During this trial, the substrates were compared for the cultivation of Phalaenopsis in 12 cm pots. Fibre-Neth has proven itself as an alternative substrate: it absorbs water…

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