Collaboration between growers & machine engineers results in efficient planting machine

New planting machine shows difficult lily bulb who's boss

The desire to not have to move through the greenhouse on your knees to plant the crops goes way back. Planting lily bulbs is a precise and challenging job. The bulb always needs to be placed with ‘its nose pointing up’ and, if possible, all at the same depth. Over the years, there have been multiple…

Conviron Genesis:

New line of plant growth chambers

Conviron announced the launch of its new line of plant growth chambers – Conviron Genesis. Consisting of three models, the GEN1000, GEN2000 and the GEN1000-GE, this new line of plant growth chambers enables users to grow a wide variety of plants in an economical and space efficient platform. By opting for…

Chris LaChall/Courier-Post

Going green: COVID-19 pandemic has people drawn to indoor gardening, houseplants

Eric Hillegass has noticed that people have been going greener since the pandemic hit. A co-owner of Bespoke Home + Life in Collingswood, Hillegass along with his husband Patrick Bartscherer, had their storefront shutdown for months like other “non-essential” retail businesses in the state, but were able…

Meet Robin, RoboRobin

Bosman Van Zaal’s new factory is filled with modern machines and is part of the implementation of Industry 4.0 at the company in the Dutch town of Aalsmeer. In the series #BVZIndustry40, the machines are introduced one by one, in which the RoboRobin is front and center. The RoboRobin is a bending cell with a press brake that…

New nanobubble generator Neo offers optimal oxygen monitoring and control

Moleaer is launching the Neo, its fifth nanobubble generator in its product portfolio designed to improve water quality and enhance food production in greenhouses and fish farms. The Neo offers real-time monitoring and control of dissolved oxygen in water via an optional integrated oxygen generator,…

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