Frigotherm Ferrari

Different refrigeration solutions

Frigotherm Ferrari has been one of the main points of reference for refrigeration and air conditioning for over 50 years. "70% of our market is in Italy. We have extensive experience in the apple sector, but also provide innovative solutions to other operators as well as to the logistics sector,"…

TTA sorting machine running at full speed

New forest nursery officially opened in Czech Republic

For several years, and particularly over the last three years, Europe has been dealing with the challenges of deforestation. Drought, forest fires, storm damages and insect attacks (like the bark beetle) are the consequences of that - the forest has to endure a lot. Therefore, governments are more and…


Mike Rimland, Rimland's Nursery & Costa Farms:

"Our best potting machine ever. True craftsmanship"

Rimland‘s Nursery, headquartered in plant paradise Miami, Florida was started in 1988 by Mike Rimland. The nursery is specializing now only in Anthurium production. Mike Rimland is the owner of Rimland’s Nursery as well as the VP of Research and Development Indoor Plants & Global Ambassador at Costa…

Acniti cooperates with Vsquare:

Japan based company brings nano bubble solutions to the Netherlands

Osaka Japan based Acniti LLC announces its partnership with Vsquare Holding B.V. in Vollenhove, the Netherlands. The company specialises in developing and producing nano bubble technology systems.  The partnership will be on exclusive basis for sales and development in the Benelux and eventually bound to expand…

Special towbar eases transport of Danish trolleys

Steenks Service recently launched a new special towbar, with which Danish trolleys can be transported easily. Danish trolleys have been a household name in the professional horticulture for many years. Thanks to the ideal dimensions, maneuverability, and the possibility of stacking, Danish trolleys are a…

Havatec machine further optimized

New and old wooden hydrangea stems neatly bunched with Quality Buncher 2.0

In the past two seasons, Havatec has been very busy making the Quality Buncher 2.0 with de-leafer a fit for the hydrangea cut flower. With the necessary adjustments, this Havatec machine is now suited for both new and old wooden stems. "The Quality Buncher 2.0 cuts, de-leaves, counts and bunches the…

The Roofmaster transforms into a real chalking machine

The Roofmaster’s shape – rather like an A – which allows it to move through 2 gutters on 4 wheels, has not changed in the 30 years that the machine has been on the market. But that’s only one of the few things that have not been upgraded over the years. The installation from Besseling has been thoroughly…


UK: An in-depth guide to heat pumps

A correctly engineered heat pump can be a useful source of heat in most applications and should definitely be considered as a sustainable alternative to fossil fuels. Most people have heard of ground source heat pumps and air-sourced heat pumps. You may even have heard multiple sweeping statements around…

Collaboration between growers & machine engineers results in efficient planting machine

New planting machine shows difficult lily bulb who's boss

The desire to not have to move through the greenhouse on your knees to plant the crops goes way back. Planting lily bulbs is a precise and challenging job. The bulb always needs to be placed with ‘its nose pointing up’ and, if possible, all at the same depth. Over the years, there have been multiple…

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