Young plants

Plans to add sticking machines to keep up with increasing production

Hishtil to take their upgraded sticking room to a higher level

After upgrading the sticking room at their Afula nursery just recently, Israeli young plant grower Hishtil is already thinking about the next step to keep up with the annually increasing production at this site; they have plans to add 2 or 3 sticking machines in 2020. "In this way, we can stay at the…

Brandkamp takes over neighbor, expanding into hydrangeas

Recently, Brandkamp took over their neighboring company, a breeder and propagator of hydrangeas. It is a 2 ha company with 4,000 square meter under glass and – more importantly – it has its own distinctive assortment of hydrangeas. “For us, it is about the mother plants , the varieties. Martin Wilkes…

Orchids in history

A blast from the past

“It is difficult to realize that one of these tiny plants may well eventually prove to be a champion and worth a small fortune.” Greenhouses filled with orchids as we know them now are actually the result of orchid hunting by curious botanists in the past. One of them is David Sander who is making his appearance in this old…

Uneven seed germination in plug trays

With spring production underway, seedling plug production is in full swing. As with any greenhouse crop, uniformity is key to produce high-quality plants efficiently and economically. For seed-propagated crops, this starts in the plug tray. by Christopher J. Currey - The first step in…

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