Flowers seem to remain the most-used Mother's Day gifts. The Association of the German Flower Wholesale and Import Trade (BGI) ad hoc survey, conducted among its members, showed that the wholesalers were very satisfied with the results. In particular West and South they had good sales and post-sales.

Stable and good sales
On the basis of the good sales over the last two years, sales of 2017 are being classified similarly or higher. The purchase price was rated "stable" to "reasonable". With volumes being a bit higher, and good prices for the most important cut flowers, wholesalers' expectations are fulfilled and partially even surpassed.

Pink is the new classic
Pink and related hues are increasingly becoming the consumer's preferred flower color. Pink positions itself as the "new classic" for Mother's Day. The cream-colored flowers and brightly colored spring bouquets also play their part. The consumer's favorite remains a bouquet of roses, or mixed bouquets where roses are the focus. In addition, the gerbera, carnation, lily, santini and hydrangea, but also peonies are asked for. Orchids, the phalaenopsis in particular, in white and pastel, is still the most beloved gift.

Cut flowers remain the best gifts for Mother's Day
The news on crop protection residues on roses, published last week, did not seem to have a measurable impact on demand. According to wholesalers, the impact of the news was more visible in the consumer turning more towards specialized trade when buying gift bouquets and higher-quality bouquets. This shows that flowers are still on top of the shopping list.

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