"We doubled our production for this year's Mother's day and we are almost sold out, so we are quite satisfied", says Alan Lu, owner of Okidland, a orchid farm in the South of France. This year, Mother's Day will be celebrated on Sunday May 28 in France. Mini phalaenopsis, and in particular the pot-plant combinations seem to be in high demand.

Alan Lu at the IPM Essen 2017 holding one of the new ceramic pot-plant combinations.

For Okidland, Mother's Day and Christmas are the most important seasons of the year. In their 20,000 greenhouse in Hyères they grow phalaenopsis and supplies them to flower shops, wholesalers and garden centers all over France.

For Mother's day, their white mini phalaenopsis and in particular the ones in a ceramic pot are in high demand. "Our mini phalaenopsis have a flower size of less than 5 cm and are available from two to ten stems. For mother's Day, the plants with three to four stems are the most demanded", says Lu.

Alan Lu in the greenhouse.

For this year's Mother's Day, Okidland doubled its production. "Last year, the demand outstripped the supply; we had a shortage of about 30 percent. For this reason, we increased our production by 200 percent this year." Besides that, they also decided to supply the ceramic pot-plant combinations in Mid and South of France. "We used to supply these combinations to flower shops in Paris only, but we noticed a demand from wholesalers and garden centers in other parts of the country too.

And both seemed to be good decisions. "The interest for our pot-plant combinations is very high and especially in the South of France." This year, Okidland sold over 200 percent more of their pot-plant combinations and 150 percent more single plants compared to last year.

Mini phalaenopsis in the greenhouse.

What is the reason for this sharp increase? Lu does not have just one explanation for it. "A couple of factors will probably play a role. In general, the demand for orchids is increasing. Last year we also noticed an increase in demand. Another possible explanation might be the fact that we are now offering the pot-plant combinations all over France. People might have seen these combinations in Paris and are now happy to see them in their own nearby garden center."

Also larger phalaenopsis plants are being grown in the greenhouse.

Till this Friday, it will be a busy time at Okidand's greenhouse with shipments leaving the farm on a daily or even two daily basis. In general Lu is quite satisfied with the demand and sales of this year's Mother's Day. "We were pleased to meet the demand and every year, we are eager to grow a little more."

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