Over the last couple of years, the demand for trifolium is rising sharply in Scandinavia and it now also seems to become a popular Mother's Day gift. Last Sunday, May 28, Mother's Day was celebrated in Sweden and for the first time, Danish trifolium breeder and grower Gartneriet Raahöj heard that their trifoliums were used for this holiday.

Malene Juhl Jensen in the greenhouse

"We supply about 80 percent of our trifolium production to Sweden, but Swedish Mother's Day has never been an important day for the trifolium", says Malene Juhl Jensen, breeder and owner of the company. But this might change in the future as more trifoliums seem to be used in or as a Mother's Day gift item. "I cannot say that the demand for trifoliums made a sharp increase before Mother's Day, but for the first time, we have heard that they were ordered for this special occasion."

Overall, the demand for trifolium seems to be increasing and the season is being extended. "We grow our own bred varieties in a 3,000 sq meter greenhouse in Denmark and the past 2 years, we noticed that we could not meet the demand anymore. As we are not planning to expand the greenhouse, we asked another Danish grower to grow our varieties. But still, we cannot grow enough. Therefore, we have said yes to some Dutch and German growers, who have been growing Trifolium for 2 years now", says Jensen. On top of that, the trifolium season is being extended. "Usually we start supplying the trifolium from March 1st onward till October. Now, people are demanding them the first of February."

Nursery Raahöj
Trifoliums is not where the story of Nursery Raahöj began. In 1997, Malene and her husband Bent Juhl Jensen started to grow asters in their 3,000 square meter greenhouse in Denmark. "Over time, we noticed an increase in demand for good looking plants with a long shelf life. In order to meet this demand, we started to breed our own new varieties in 2001." In 2004, they entered the market with Mystery Lady; a new line of asters. In 2009, they started breeding and growing trifoliums.

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