Last week, Crown Princess Mary of Denmark opened the Odense Flower Festival. On the occasion, the princess baptized the newest garden rose variety by Roses Forever, ‘What a Wonderful World'.

On the occasion, the Princess, wearing a beautiful dress decorated with roses, praised the flowers and congratulated the breeder, Rosa Eskelund.

Photo: Jens Poulsen

“It’s a great honour for us having the princess baptise our new rose variety”, commented breeder Rosa Eskelund afterwards. “It’s good marketing and besides, here in Denmark we all love our princess!”

The new rose has been secretly developed on their land in Nordfyn, near Odense. Rosa took care of the growing process herself. On the day before the baptism, she went to the area to pick the roses. “I got a little stressed before I arrived, because I know deer also love them. What if they had eaten them all?! Some flowers indeed were eaten, but luckily many were left untouched.”

Roses Forever and Mary somehow seem to connect, since it’s not the first time they have met. Two months ago Mary opened another flower festival, the Copenhagen CPH Garden, and baptized Roses Forever’s rose variety 'CPH Garden in Bloom'. In 2012, the princess baptized a new minirose, ‘Princess of Infinity’. “This variety is now grown all over the world”.

'What a Wonderful World' is this year’s theme of the Odense Blomster Flower Festival, hence the name. In limited quantities the rose will become available from November this year.

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