Flowers, plants and home decor are more often combined. In order to link them, seasonal decoration show Christmasworld has been extended with a new show last year, namely Floradecora. This year, it was held for the second time and the change of location within Christmasworld seem to have worked. The fair started last Friday, January 26, and is coming to an end today, January 30. FloralDaily was present in Frankfurt am Main, Germany, to make a photo report.

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Different location
Last year, Floradecora was held in a separate hall next to Christmasworld. Many of the exhibitors expressed that they wanted to be closer to Christmasworld and the organisation therefore decided to put the show in the heart of Christmasworld. It is a more central and brighter but smaller area and this partly resulted in a lower number (20) of exhibitors compared to last year. However on the first day already, the new location seemed to attract more visitors.

Exhibitor opinion
Also according to many of the returning exhibitors, the number of visitors was higher compared to last year. "The location of Floradecora regarding Christmasworld is much better this year than last year. Overall, we welcomed many more visitors to the stand. In the weekend these were mainly independent garden centers, florists, and so on, who showed interest in the concepts of Opti-flor, Stolk Brothers and Garden Orchid. Monday was a bit disappointing for us regarding the number of visits, while it was still busy in halls of Christmasworld", says Mattijs Bodegom of Anthura, who again this year shared their booth with Opti-flor, Stolk Brothers and Garden Orchid.

Also Dümmen Orange and Colour Your Gerbera were pleased with this year's edition. "The new location resulted in a better influx of visitors", says Mario Nederpelt of Dümmen Orange. "We have spoken to more visitors this year. If these are the right visitors, time will tell, but several already emailed us with questions. All in all, there were many florists and, in my opinion too little retailers. But in general, I am very positive", says Willem Peter of Gerbera United.

Heading to the third edition?
It seems that the organization made a good decision by changing the location of Floradecora and bring it to the center of Christmasworld. It is still a new trade fair with a new concept, not only for the exhibitors but for the visitors too. Several returning exhibitors have had a very good first edition last year but there were some exhibitors that expected to get more out of it. Even though, several of them came back this year as they are of the opinion: "One time is no time". This year, these exhibitors seemed to be more satisfied than last year and are curious what will roll out of it. So, are they heading for the third edition? In the coming months, they will review the results and will then decide how to proceed.

Click here for the photo report.