Bring spring into your home a couple of months earlier. That is the idea behind the indoor Lavendula that Danish pot rose nursery Gartneriet Brolykke put on the market last week. They ship the lavendulas via GASA Group and Royal FloraHolland to garden centers in Scandinavia and Europe, and the reactions are positive. "Customers are impressed by the color and scent of the plant", says the company's Sales Manager Klaus René Hansen.

Klaus René Hansen at the IPM Essen 2018.

Why lavendula?
The main products of Gartneriet Brolykke are pot roses, sold under the brand name Elvira Rose. But what made them decide to add lavendula? "We have 3 ha of land next to the greenhouse and we thought: 'lavendula could fill up this space nicely in the spring season'." They propagate the lavendulas in a part (3,000m2) of their 11,000m2 greenhouse and this, in turn, made them come up with the idea to finish some of them earlier, a couple of months before spring. "By supplying indoor lavendulas a couple of months before spring, we enable the consumer to bring spring into their homes even earlier." They grown lavendulas in four different pot sizes; 6, 10, 12 and 17 cm. The 6 and 10 cm pot sizes are named Elvira Blue and 12 and 17 Elvira Ellegance.

Lavendulas in the greenhouse

Gartneriet Brolykke put their first lavendulas on the market last year, and the reactions have been positive. "Our customers seem to be impressed by the quality, color and scent of the plant as it is quite a challenge to get a good color and scent on the plant this early in the year."

Weather important
Even though the lavendula brings spring into your home early, the weather still plays a large role. "When the sun starts to shine and the temperatures start to rise after the cold and dark days, people can get in the ‘spring mood’ all of a sudden. Then the demand for the indoor lavendula increases fast.”

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