This Sunday (March 11), Mother's Day will be celebrated in the UK and it is expected to become a profitable holiday for florists. "Even though it is succeeding Valentine's Day quickly this year, Millennials seem to be willing to spend more money and are eager to spend it on flowers this year. Therefore, we expect more to go to florists", says Susanne Nijssen, Marketing Communications Manager at Florismart, a digital market place that provides UK florists access to flowers from growers all over the world.

Quickly after Valentine's Day
UK Mother's Day depends on the date of Easter and as Easter falls early this year, UK Mother's Day does too. This means that it quickly succeeded Valentine's Day (February 14) and it seems to make florists nervous as they think it will affect their Mother's Day sales. However, according to Nijssen, florists do not have to worry. "We have done an inter research and we found that Millennials are willing to spend more money and that flowers score high as a Mother's Day gift. This combination of spending more money and a flower gift will probably result in higher sales for florists."

Challenging weather
Next to the early date this year, the weather in the UK made the deliveries a bit challenging. "The snow in several parts of the UK made it a challenge, but we succeeded in delivering everything." Besides that the weather also affected some British growers, but luckily it was limited. "One of our British growers was affected as he could not harvest his daffodil crop due to the cold and the snow."

Carnations - top products
According to Nijssen, besides the usual roses and lilies, the Mother's Day best sellers are the carnations. "Besides that, tulips and other spring flowers did well and interestingly, santini chrysanthemums scored high this year. The most popular foliage this year were various types of eucalyptus and rosemary. Pink is the most popular color for UK mother's day, but yellow, green, purple, white and creme flowers did well too."

British products
Florismart is based in Aalsmeer, the Netherlands, imports flowers from all over the world and supplies florists in the UK. The popularity of UK products is increasing and Florismart has been investing in getting these products on their platform. "The UK growers are eager to connect with the UK florists, but due to their request for lower volumes, selling flowers to florists has not been that attractive to the growers. Now, with florists acting as a buying group via Florismart, the volumes are suddenly no longer an issue." And it seems to work well. The UK grown flowers are gaining popularity among UK florists and for Mother’s Day, the UK grown products were in high demand.

Next to supplying UK grown flowers, Floristmart invests in increasing the popularity of UK grown flowers. "As sign of the start of spring, we gave our florists a free box filled with UK grown daffodils, tulips and hyacinths."

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