The Thai ornamental sector is still in its infancy. Many Thai growers are looking for possibilities to improve the quality of their flowers, but they still lack the knowledge of proper cultivation materials and techniques. Chrysanthemums, for example, are very popular in Thailand, but growers still use old and low quality varieties. This was explained by Jürgen von den Driesch, Sales Manager at Brandkamp at the Horti Asia.

Two years ago German breeder and propagator of young plants Brandkamp started to focus on the Asian market. According to Jürgen, this market is growing and increasingly more people have money to spend on flowers."

"Chrysanthemums and especially cut chrysanthemums are very traditional in Thailand " says Jürgen. However, unlike other Asian countries like Vietnam and Malaysia, the majority of the Thai chrysanthemums are cultivated in shade or low-tech greenhouses and for the domestic market.

Jürgen von den Driesch with Mr. Suwath Singtothong from Kanok Seed at th Horti Asia, Bangkok.

In the different Asian countries, Brandkamp works with local agents. "These agents know the local market, trends and growers", says Jürgen. Also in Thailand, they work with a local agent, namely Mr. Suwath Singtothong from Kanok Seed. In their greenhouse, Brandkamps unrooted cuttings from Uganda are being rooted and supplied to growers in Thailand and Myamar.

"Next to the products and services that the local agents offer, service from Brandkamp is an essential part of doing business" says Jürgen. Especially in Thailand, the growers need extra assistance. "Many Thai growers do not know how to fertilize or to use growth regulators. They are eager to improve the quality of their flowers and are therefore sending pictures of their flowers to Mr. Suwath. Then, these pictures will be forwarded to us and will be analysed. We look at the situation and will advise them what and how they should use certain products."

Pemba, the new variety of Brandkamp."It is a perfect plant to use in mixed pots (see picture on the right). Mixed products are entering the market in Thailand."

"The demand for better quality chrysanthemums in Thailand is on the rise, but we need to have patience" says Jürgen. Growers need to be convinced first and this is achieved by the so-called snowball effect. "So, after hearing the positive reactions and seeing the results at fellow Thai growers, more growers will start using better quality young plants."

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