Iraq opening its door to 3rd Iraq FlowerExpo between 30 September-03rd October 2015 in Erbil- Iraq. Iraq FlowerExpo is a trade fair that covers the horticultural supply chain from cut flowers to pot plants, from seeds to trees and everything in between.

Iraq FlowerExpo, is now a large and professional horticultural trade exhibition attracting 20,000 visitors.

The four-day event will be held at the Erbil International Fair Ground. In the restructuring period of 2012, $98.45 million investment was anticipated for foreign investments and for the next 10 years $200 billion is anticipated as well. All this makes Iraq attractive to investors.

Developments especially in the construction sector; housing, school, hotel, administrative buildings are all coming with their exterior landscaping needs as well. As Iraq is not sufficient to meet of all the needs, the import of trees, shrubs and plants will play an increasingly important role during the country’s restructuring process.

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