The Board of Directors of Flowers Canada (Ontario) Inc. (FCO) is very pleased to announce the appointment of Andrew Morse as Executive Director effective June 28, 2015.

Andrew originally joined the FCO team in September, 2011, as the Plant Health Coordinator progressing to Plant Health & International Trade Manager, and most recently since the beginning of this year, to the position of Managing Director.

A graduate of the University of Guelph Masters of Science program in Environmental Biology (2009), Andrew has worked on a contract basis as a researcher and university teaching assistant prior to joining our association.
For the past three years Andrew has successfully assisted our growers in navigating the complex regulatory frameworks associated with plant health and international trade. He has skillfully represented our interests to federal and international governments on phytosanitary and trade regulations, recently appearing before the Canadian Senate Committee on Agriculture and Forestry. He has been actively involved in developing programs with the Canadian Food Inspection Agency such as the Bulb Remediation Program and the new Greenhouse Certification Program.

His passion for this sector is reflected not only in the work he has performed to date, but in the extra effort he has put forth. He has helped to organize and actively participate in the past two grower night school courses put on at Vineland Research and Innovation Centre. As a hobbyist photographer and graphics designer Andrew has been responsible for designing “the look” of many of the association’s publications and directories during his tenure.
We are very excited about the passion, energy and organizational ability that Andrew will bring to this position. Over the next two months Andrew will be working very closely with our departing Executive Director, Dean Shoemaker, to ensure a smooth transition in the leadership of the association.

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