All-America Selections (AAS) has just released their 2014/2015 Annual Report reflecting the group’s activities from the past 12-18 months.

For the past five years, AAS has prepared a statement of organizational projects and progress, with this year’s report showing some of the best advancements in recent history.

Front page All-America Selections Annual Report 2015.

“It has been a pleasure to be part of All-America Selections since 2008, first as a vegetable judge, then as a Director, which led to Vice-President and now President. The entire Board of Directors, our Council of Judges and the office staff have worked extremely hard to get this organization where it is today. We are continuing to look forward for opportunities to further improve and grow. We have big plans to take this organization and the esteemed brand that is All-America Selections to an even greater level of recognition.” explains AAS President Angus Mellish.

The annuals, perennials and edibles that are AAS Winners can help every segment of the distribution chain sell more product because of an impressive back story that explains what it takes to become an AAS Winner.

Dr. Rick Snyder, Professor & Extension Vegetable Specialist at Mississippi State University added, “I’ve really enjoyed serving AAS as a Vegetable Judge since 1991. Over the years the quality of variety entries has gone up as breeders work even harder to come up with new and more unique vegetables for the home garden market.”
This Annual report is designed to bring new awareness to the organization’s activities and progress. A few key points in this year’s report are:
• The launch of the AAS Herbaceous Perennial trial.
• The large number of AAS Winners introduced for 2015.
• A continuing positive financial report.
• Increased marketing efforts and publicity for new and past AAS Winners.

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