The technical director Tim Pratt of GrowSave presented at an AHDB Horticulture technical seminar on the 23rd June 2015. Together with Simon Pearson from Freiston Associates they shared their findings regarding ‘Improving ornamental crop quality and shelf life through better humidity control’.

The drive to reduce energy costs can lead to higher relative humidity in the growing environment. This in turn can lead to ‘soft’ plant growth, induced nutrient deficiencies and promote the development of fungal diseases. Attendees to this seminar heard how to balance these demands and the potentially game-changing impact of the Renewable Heat Incentive that can deliver very low cost heat. Topics covered included:

Humidity measurement
Relative Humidity/Humidity Deficit/ Dew-point Temperature
What do they really mean?

Humidity control
Get the fundamentals right
Learn to love your measuring box
A uniform climate is key

Plant and disease response to humidity
How does humidity impact the plant
How do humidity measurements relate to plant/disease development?
The problems of high and low humidity

Renewable Heat Incentive
Could low-cost heat turn your business upside-down?

To view the presentation slides please click here (PDF).

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