The Association of Specialty Cut Flower Growers was created to unite, inform, and educate growers. It accomplishes this through conferences and farm tours, print and online publications, and a network of growers across the world.

The best learning, however, is still done face to face, with one grower teaching another. To formalize this process, the ASCFG has launched a mentor program to match its more experienced members with those just getting started with their flower farming endeavors. It’s a great way to give back to the community and create lasting, rewarding relationships with the next generation of flower farmers.

The goal is to fast track younger or inexperienced growers through the learning phase of beginning flower farming. This will help ensure a more successful venture and build more quality growers, which will make more active and long-term ASCFG members. Qualified beginning farmers must be ASCFG members to participate.

Several ASCFG members have already applied to serve as mentors. This year, five of them will be matched with mentees, based on location and shared business modes. For two years, they will communicate via email and phone, and ideally visit each other’s farms at least once, sharing experiences and building a supportive relationship.

The application process for mentees is open at

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