France’s leading distributor in both flower and vegetables seeds and cuttings, Graines Voltz, who is celebrating 30 years in business this year, opened the doors to its logistics centre in Brain sur l’Authion from 21st to 23rd July 2015 as host to Fleuroselect’s 46th Annual Convention. One hundred members from Europe and overseas were able to admire the state of the art technology in seed counting and packaging.

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The field and container trials showed highlights from the flower and vegetable ranges. A large selection of the trial was dedicated to the recent Fleuroselect winners. The current new entries and comparisons were studied by the delegation and in particular the Fleuroselect judges. A Graines Voltz speciality range of Bertrand Flower Seed Mixtures for urban plantings formed a key element of the Convention’s theme which looked at the highly successful French model for urban flowering.

Benefits of Urban Vegetation
“Access to nature and green spaces in urban environments contributes directly to public health by reducing stress, encouraging physical activity, improving the living environment and enhancing the general feeling of wellbeing. Furthermore, green islands and parks play an essential role in preserving biodiversity.” The delegates heard this conclusion from the French green research center Plante et Cité regarding their study on the Benefits of Urban Vegetation.

Nantes, trendsetting in urban flowering
Seeing theory put into practise, the delegates toured the splendid city of Nantes. Starting at the highly popular Botanical Garden (Jardin des Plantes), the delegates could admire 167 squares replanted twice yearly showing all the flowering plant species available for use in decorating the parks of Nantes. Delegates were shown how car parks in the city are being moved underground and replaced with green spaces and roads have given way to planted pedestrian areas. The Africa-inspired flower beds of the Abolition of Slavery Memorial were particularly moving and lead the way to the île de Nantes where the Heron Tree with its hanging gardens promises to bring more flowers to the city.

Seed study & control
At GEVES, the French Group for Study and Control of Varieties and Seed, the delegation gained further insight in the testing and requirements for registration and protection of new varieties. The Organisation also showed how quality control and seed analysis is performed and introduced the delegates to current research projects into plant DNA.

Pro-Veg Seeds joins Fleuroselect
The UK based breeder and supplier Pro-Veg Seeds was accepted as a full member during the Annual General Meeting. Owner John Burrows supplies flower and vegetable seeds to professional growers, trade, plant raisers and packet seed companies. Additionally, the company breeds patio tomatoes and sunflowers.

Three Novelties for Ducrettet
Following the results from the biennial trials 2014-15, Fleuroselect extends an Approved Novelty to three varieties from the French breeder and distributor Ducrettet: Bellis perennis Bellina, Bellis perennis Melbella Salmon and Myosotis sylvatica Savoie Rose. Approved Novelties need to be sufficiently new and uniform and are protected from reproduction by a gentlemen’s agreement among the membership.

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