Orchids and especially dendrobiums are very popular plants in Ghana. Over the last few years, the demand increased drastically and is currently very high. So high, that even the Ghanaian commercial orchid growers have to import these plants to meet the increasing demand. This is explained by Stephanie Naa Dedei Langdon Solomon of Epreuve Garden Centre.

High popularity of orchids
Epreuve Garden Centre is a professional gardening and landscaping company, specialized in commercial and residential landscaping in Accra, Ghana. The company imports orchids from Thailand and the Netherlands and sells them in Ghana. According to Stephany, orchids (and the dendrobiums in particular) have become very popular over the last four to five years, increasing the number of orchid growers in the country. However, the demand is still higher than production capacity of the Ghanaian orchid growers. For this reason, many commercial orchid growers are also importing the plant.
Ghana Garden and Flower show
The popularity of orchids is also visible at the Ghana Garden and Flower Show which is held yearly in Accra. The forth coming show will be from 10th to the 14th September 2015 where many orchids will be on display and Stephany will hold a workshop on growing orchids. "For this workshop, I will show different Thai and Dutch orchid species," she says. "Actually, we still need some Dutch orchids for the show, so we are working hard to get in touch with them," she added.
More commercial growers in the future
As the demand increased, so did the amount of commercial growers. However, as said earlier, the demand is still higher than the supply of domestic orchids. "Besides that, the price of importing flowers increased, due to the, for us, negative currency developments. Therefore, it becomes increasingly interesting to start growing orchids commercially or for the commercial growers to expand their current production capacity. So, in the coming years I will expect more orchid growers here in Ghana," she concludes.

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