A tablet version of the tried and trusted AlfaPro sales software for on-the-road sales (over 20 years' experience) has now been developed. This handy, easy-to-use device incorporates additional features, such as direct access to the web, as well as to your e-mail and webshops. What's more, any data you enter is securely saved in the 'cloud'.

Huug van Duyn, a sales rep for Rijnsburg-based Scan-Den B.V. took part in the pilot scheme and is enthusiastic, particularly about its ease of use. ‘The system works well and is intuitive to use,’ he adds with satisfaction.

Would you like more information on the tablet? If so, please send a e-mail to info@alfapro.com. Of course, you can also call direct on +31 (0)71 402 11 91.