Danish nursery Sogo Team ApS went bankrupt. Several Danish newspapers reported about the financial problems of this nursery, which is owned by Sogo Team Ltd in Taiwan, and specialized in breeding and producing Phalaenopsis. According to Fyens Stiftstidende a Danish grower took over the bankrupt company. The daily paper mentions a name of the possible buyer, but he denied it. For the time being, the new owner remains unknown. However, a Danish trustee should have confirmed the take-over.

Sogo Team ApS' speciality mini-Phaleanopsis - photo: newPlantsandFlowers

In 1999, Sogo Team Ltd from Taiwan purchased Danish nursery Helios, which at that time also went bankrupt. The Danish affiliate of Sogo Team became a major supplier of mini Phalaenopsis in Europe. Overproduction of these minis may be one of the reasons for the financial troubles.

source: NewPlantsandFlowers