Every day you receive a lot of information from your nursery like feedback from the climate computer, information from your employees, the path registration etc. You can improve the productivity, quality and efficiency with this information.

AGS System
"Wouldn't it be great if you could see the actual growth of your crop? Then you could cultivate based on production instead of climate settings and visual inspections," says Joost van Rooij of Paskal Systems. That is what their system can do.

The wireless sensors in the greenhouse are sending continuous data from the measurements. This data is processed together with data from the climate computer, you can analyze the data using freely configurable charts and insights via a secure website. "Thanks to the daily feedback you can instantly see what effects certain settings have and this allows you to fine-tune your environment to the daily needs of your plant," said van Rooij. "Fast and clear understanding and seeing the differences between departments, locations, types, substrates, or another fertilization strategy. It's all possible with the Paskal Growth Analysis System."

Not only for tomato and cucumber growers
The Paskal Growth Analysis System is used worldwide by a number of leading growers. "We now have the first phalaenopsis grower in the Netherlands, which uses the system to determine its irrigation regime. In this production, the system records the daily weight loss of the pots. This reduction is achieved by fluid loss. Based on this data you can tune the irrigation to the needs of the plant. A good Phalaenopsis grower can prevent blindness by 5 to 10%, by applying the proper irrigation regime."

For more information:
Joost van Rooij
Email: joost@paskal-group.com
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