Danziger and Ball Straathof have announced a cooperation agreement making Ball Straathof the official and exclusive distributer of Danziger's products in South Africa, Zimbabwe, Zambia and Namibia.

Ball Straathof is one of the largest specialty seed and young plant companies in South Africa. It has offices in Johannesburg, distributes nationally and internationally and has vast experience in the Southern African market.

The new distribution collaboration goes hand in hand with Danziger's momentum of growth in the cut flower market and will play an important part in introducing Danziger's new and existing portfolio of novelties like: Euphorbia – FORIX™ BLISS, Lepidium - EMERALD BEADS™, Caryopteris - PAGODA™ SERIES and more.

"Having global partners is essential in today's growing industry. We are happy to collaborate with such a professional and well-established company as Ball Straathof; this collaboration will enable us to give more frequent and immediate attention to our existing customers and fulfill the great potential of the market. Together we can introduce Danziger's new and innovative crop in a rapid and professional way," says Micha Danziger, Co-CEO of Danziger.
"Ball Straathof prides itself on having a unique source of knowledge and expertise about local markets and growing conditions and always strives to offer its customers the best and widest selection of varieties available. Ball Straathof is thrilled to have the opportunity to work with Danziger and to add the exciting new Danziger varieties to its cut flower range and believes there is great potential for both companies in the Southern African market," says Sean Goldfain, General Manager of Ball Straathof.

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