Local grower Golden Valley Roses has reinvented the wheel. Actually, they've reinvented the flower in the form of their mini rose trees. These 10-inch-tall creations are a new take on an old bloom.

After taking a turn inside, these specimens can be planted outside for ongoing enjoyment. So can Golden Valley's more traditional potted roses, grown on their small, family-operated farm in Bakersfield, California. The company provides locally grown roses and plants to areas both nearby and further afield, offering an alternative to imports.

Fall Planting Season
More than any other time of year, fall is the best time for planting roses. Delicate roots have time to establish themselves before winter, becoming hardy and giving them a head start on spring. By then, the plant has more strength and vigor, resulting in high-quality flowers throughout the spring, summer and following fall, depending on variety.

Greener Growing Systems
Golden Valley uses a specially designed tray to aid in development. Open on the bottom, the trays allow for air pruning of roots.

This results in hardy and long-lasting plants that last for several years. It also maximizes the health of the rose so gardeners can buy fewer plants and enjoy the ones they have longer, reducing overproduction.

The company strives to be green in other ways as well, growing their roses on a small but flexible plot of land, using drip hoses and harnessing the sun's energy with greenhouses. They plan to further these green efforts in future.

Limited Edition Mini Rose Trees
The limited edition run of mini rose trees includes only 2,000, though more will be available come 2016. Both mini tree roses and regular potted roses come in a multitude of different varieties.

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