Rocket Farms is the third largest wholesale grower of indoor flowers, fresh cut herbs and potted edibles in the US, and second largest in California. Last year, they were looking for a process computer "to control our 38 climate zones with heating, ventilation, screens, lighting and more than 200 irrigation valves," says Corwin Graves, Head Grower. "One of the requirements was to find a system that allows us to fine-tune the production environment to suit a variety of crop types. Our aim is to have freedom in defining our own strategy in which we can set multiple influences for a variety of factors to realize precise control."

Corwin continues: "We had a positive experience with our previous system, the Hoogendoorn Economic. So, in 2015 we purchased the new Hoogendoorn next generation iSii process computer to regulate climate, irrigation and energy installations in one of our 10 hectare glass greenhouses. The greatest benefit is that it provides us with complete control over a variety of greenhouse parameters. We rely greatly on climate overviews, graphs and reports to help ensure that the climate is correct. The graphs themselves are very convenient, since they allow us to look at multiple variables within a single area if desired. This is sometimes necessary when diagnosing a climate issue."

Hoogendoorn Growth Management
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