In the context of FloraHolland 2020, FloraHolland intends to increase the sales of flowers and plants by reinforcing existing markets and developing new ones.

Turkey is one such new market and together with growers, breeders and customers, it has been further examined. Last week's activities were based on the Turkey Development Program. The most important subject from the Dutch platform in the Turkey Development Program is the removal of trade barriers.

The program's second pillar is the development and dissemination of knowledge. To this end, FloraHolland wishes to independently transfer market and production knowledge to growers and customers so that they will be able to operate in the new market. Last week, the experience and knowledge gained over the previous year came together at the trade fair week in Istanbul.

Study trip
The program of the study trip was based on the following pillars: gaining knowledge and sharing it with trade partners; and making contact and entering into relationships with industry colleagues in Turkey. Once the participants were informed of all the ins and outs of Turkey's current economic situation and the business climate in the agro sector, the new horticulture area Yalova and a number of professional wholesalers were visited, where subjects such as import levies, and the opportunities and threats were thoroughly discussed. During the market portion of the study trip, the current sales chains, florists and the largest of the Turkish auctions, SS Flora, were visited.

Flower Expo Istanbul
FloraHolland was in attendance for the first time at the Flower Expo Istanbul, Turkey's most important floriculture trade fair, with a stand in the Holland Pavilion. The Holland Pavilion was organized together with Greenn, which made it possible for growers, breeders and exporters to establish a flowering Dutch heart at the trade fair. FloraHolland's stand was aimed at high-end consumers and featured the theme Fashion, Flowers and Fragrance to inspire this segment's sales channels. The products provided by the participating companies were used in the arrangements on display at the first international FloraHolland House, Home of Opportunities. Visitors were impressed by the floral decorations combined with the haute couture from Addy van den Krommenacker and the Flowerbomb perfume by Viktor&Rolf.

The client event
During the trade fair's first evening, 140 customers from the Netherlands and Turkey were guests at the Client Event, which was held at the Palais de Hollande in Istanbul.

What's next?
The follow-up process to gaining knowledge and removing trade barriers has been planned for the coming months, when the initial pilots involving both Turkish and Dutch partners will begin. The program will be given further substance in the course of 2016. The next study trip is planned for April 2016, during the Tulip Festival in Istanbul. In addition to examining the market and production opportunities, FloraHolland is hoping to attend the Flower Expo in Antalya. This international exhibition will take place from April to October 2016.

Source: FloraHolland