Senmatic is proud to announce the launch of their new FL100 LED fixture that is specially designed for multi layer cultivation. The FL100 is a newly developed innovation from the Danish manufacturer. Together with their FL300, Senmatic is now offering a complete range of fixtures for both inter and top lighting solutions.

"An important advantage of the FL100 is that both spectrum and intensity can be controlled," said Senmatic's Global Sales Manager Morten Hjorth. "Furthermore the units can now be interconnected to create an easy installation in series."

The minimalistic design means easy installation using standard connection technology, and with a minimal shadow footprint, the FL100 is able to produce good quality plants all year long. "This makes it a natural replacement to the conventional HPS systems used today."

The spectrums of the LEDs can be individually adjusted for multiple crops in combination with LCC 4 climate control systems. An alternative to the LCC 4 climate control system is a small Control Unit which controls up to 49 fixtures.

Morten Hjorth of Senmatic with the LCC4 Logic Climate Control at the booth of AgroWeld during the GrowTech Eurasia last week. The LCC4 is compatible wit the new FL100 LED fixtures of Senmatic.

The new fixture has already been sold for several big installations in Europe. It offers not only a dynamic control of the intensity and spectral composition, but its also provides severe energy saving characteristics (energy savings up to 50%).

The FL100 LED top-light is a fixture emitting light in the photosynthetic active region of the visible light spectrum. "Our solutions suit modern production greenhouses world wide and are designed to withstand the harsh environment
of a glasshouse," said Senmatic in a news release.

For more information:
Senmatic A/S DGT
Morten Hjorth, Global Sales Manager
T: +45 20 80 11 16