The use of Aqua-Hort in tulip production in Holland has increased in the last season. The system is applied in both rooting and forcing. "Most of the Dutch growers use water culture. Some where the water is still standing and being topped up, or others where recirculation is applied", says Aksel De Lasson of Aqua-Hort. "In the coming season we expect many new installations by tulip producers, because crop losses are reduced by use of the system."

Aqua-Hort treats irrigation water with electrolysis in order to fight bacteria and fungus that can damage plants. The electromagnetic force exerted on treated water literally pulls bacteria apart, causing them to die. The electrolysis system based on the use of copper is an effective way to treat water against fungus and bacteria, but it also helps to establish a healthy root and plant development.

"In the bulbs there is an issue of losses during storage", De Lasson continues. "Aqua-Hort now participates in a research project for finding ways to reduce the scale of these problems. The bulbs will be dipped in different concentrations of Aqua-Hort treated water."

Cut Rose production
De Lasson also informed us that the use of Aqua-Hort in cut rose production is picking up again. "Installations are under way in Ecuador, Holland and Poland. Ralstonia was an big issue in cut roses recently. It is worth to mention that Aqua-Hort has a research report showing full effect against Ralstonia."

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