As the horticulture market expands, the Illumitex team is growing by leaps and bounds. Rebecca Knight sat down with their newest regional sales manager, David Jewell, to find out about his background and what drew him to Illumitex.

David will share his extensive floriculture and sales experience in his new position as Eastern Sales Manager on our horticulture LED lighting sales team.

Rebecca Knight: I understand before starting here at Illumitex you worked for Syngenta Flowers and several seed companies. What was that like and what did you learn from these experiences?

David Jewell: "At Syngenta Flowers and Sakata Seed America I worked in the marketing department as the Flower Seed Product Manager.

"A fun part of my global role was interacting with the breeding team to develop new genetics that fit the market’s needs. While at Sakata, I also had sales experience and enjoyed traveling with the distributor sales teams to growers across North America. Through both roles I was able to build long term relationships in the horticulture business and came to have a deep understanding in their needs."

"Previous to working the Syngenta and Sakata, I was a distributor sales representative in the southeastern U.S. and owned my own greenhouse facility in Western Kentucky. Through all of these experiences, I’ve learned that the growing side of the business is very rewarding. Nothing gives me more satisfaction than helping my grower friends deliver the highest quality finished product to the consumer. Remembering that “happy customers buy more,” I’ve always worked on the premise that if I can help a grower with the right product at the right time, I feel I’ve done my part in building the best possible finished product possible."

RK: "What attracted you to come work at Illumitex?"

DJ: "I was attracted to Illumitex because I see that lighting in modern greenhouses is quickly moving to LED lighting. I love being associated with new product development and being on the “bleeding edge” of technology. When I learned about the job opening at Illumitex, I jumped on it and will work to help growers utilize our lighting solutions in their production."

RK: "I noticed in our conversations that you enjoy learning about the science side of LEDs and horticulture lighting – what drives your curiosity in this field?"

DJ: "I have a passion for the greenhouse business. Having a deep understanding of the genetics side of the business, I will enjoy learning about the lighting science that is in play with LED lighting. I also hope to help in developing and selling new revolutionary products through Illumitex. In the end, my objective to help Illumitex greenhouse customers is to find the best possible lighting solutions, enabling them to deliver the highest quality product to their retailers."

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