Today the French people celebrate Quatorze Juillet. For many, this day means the start of the holidays. To what extend is this national celebration a peak moment in the floriculture industry? "You cannot compare it to, for example, Mother's Day. Flowers are not that much interwoven with La fête nationale, as the 14th of July is officially known. However, more flowers are sold than usual and it is season's last day for the industry to excel. After the 14th, France is on holiday and sales come to a standstill."

Barry Helleman works at Celdomy, one of the larger Dutch exporting companies on the French market. Whereas day to day business is going strong - France is one of the major markets for the Dutch producers of flowers and plants - trade slows down considerably in summer. As a matter of fact, import has already slowed down since yesterday, as many shops are either closed or will close earlier today.

Over the last few days the dyed flowers were in demand. In many countries, dyed flowers are a trend and also the French seem to like receiving a bunch of national colored flowers. Furthermore, they were also interested in the waxed roses this year, explains Barry. "But again, no real peaks. In general, the shipments to France are ok. If you are finding the gaps in the market, and I think we do quite well, you can make a good living".

Regarding the assortment, France is quite traditional and picky. It is a competitive market; it is easy to enter and many parties want to sell their flowers. Moreover, a lot of flowers are being cultivated in the Southern part of France. So, if the Dutch flowers are high, the French will shift to locally grown flowers.

The sales on the clock decreased, but over the last three weeks the prices were good. "Last year we heard: next year will be a La Niña year - a weather phenomenon that will cause unpredictable spring weather. The heavy rain damaged the crop and increased the prices. Furthermore, the supply of summer flowers is less than last year. All in all, it results in a restless market, which increased the prices. Moreover, when the flowers are expensive, some traders shift to germinis or cheaper summer flowers. However, this is not possible at the moment, which boosts the rose prices.''

The summer period, in general is less hectic and this is also the case in France. "From now, it will be quiet for about 4 to 5 weeks. At the end of August, the sales will increase slowly when the children go back to school again, the so-called ‘la rentrée’''

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