Yesterday, the Sawaya Garden Trials were held. It is an independent trial organised by the horticultural advisor Mr. Mel Sawaya in the town of Simcoe in Ontario Canada. For many years this trial is being organized and this year, 2700 pots were set up outside of 15 breeding companies – from seeds and cuttings.

Also the varieties of GGG Grünewald were presented and Yoav Scholz from GGG Grünewald was at the trials and so kind to send us some pictures. "The trials were very successful for us", he says.

In total, 450 visitors of the industry visited the trial ground at the open day and the big box buyers were visiting independently. "The majority of the visitors came from the greater area, but I met also a couple of people coming all the way from Michigan (US)", says Scholz.

On the left side, the participating breeders were presented and on the right side the container suppliers.

Some varieties of Grünewald. Clockwise: Verbena Star Dreams Patio Dark Red, Torelus Orange Spicy Terracotta, Diascia Elfjes Salmon, and Bidens feruli 2Teeth Double Yellow.