The starting signal for the New Messe Essen was given on May 2, 2016. The comprehensive modernisation of the fair site in Essen with an investment volume of around Euro 90 million is in full swing. For IPM ESSEN 2017, that will mean: Halls 9 and 9.1 will be dispensed with. They will be replaced by the temporary Halls 13 and 14. This will result in new, clearly structured hall allocation for the Plants, Technology and Floristry exhibition areas.

During IPM ESSEN 2016, all the exhibitors were already provided with comprehensive information about the forthcoming construction measures. “The response was positive without exception,“ stressed Oliver P. Kuhrt, CEO of Messe Essen GmbH. During the first construction phase from May 2016 to October 2017, a glass foyer covering 2,000 square metres is being created on the East Fair Building while Halls 9 and 9.1 are being demolished at the same time.

For IPM ESSEN 2017 (January 24 to 27), the temporary Halls 13 and 14 as well as the Grugahalle directly linked to the East Fair Building will be available as replacements. “There will be no compromises whatsoever with regard to the exhibition area, the comfort or the service. On the contrary: The temporary halls will be located in attractive positions which will permit an optimum circuit,” continued Kuhrt. “We are using the modernisation as an opportunity to combine the ranges on offer at IPM ESSEN spatially and to adjust the hall structure to the target groups of visitors.”

Italian Exhibitors Move into the Temporary Halls
The temporary Halls 13 and 14 as well as the Grugahalle will be occupied by the Italian plant exhibitors who could previously be found in the whole of Hall 6. From the east, the visitors will walk on to the fair site directly through the foyer on Hall 14. All the visitors coming on to the fair site from the east will be guided through Halls 13 and 14 when entering and leaving IPM ESSEN. From there, the direct link to the other fair halls will also be guaranteed by clear path guidance.

Interconnected Floristry Area in Halls 4 and 6
The Floristry exhibitors from Hall 7 will profit from this relocation. In 2017, they will move into the former Italy hall (Hall 6) - directly linked to Hall 4. This will lead to a large, interconnected Floristry area. IPM ESSEN will thus fulfil the exhibitors’ increasingly expressed wish to detach the Floristry area from the Technology area once again in the future.

Exhibitors in Hall 9, including the Spanish and Polish joint booths, will move into the eastern part of Hall 7 which will be assigned to the Plants area. The western half will be occupied by Technology exhibitors as an extension to the Galeria and Hall 3.

High-Quality Temporary Halls
The temporary halls will consist of an aluminium delta roof structure. The roof (ridge height: eight metres) will be provided with white, transparent roof tarpaulins. The six-metre high sides will be equipped with insulated panels and a horizontal lateral unwinding unit. The floor will bear a load of 800 kilogrammes per square metre. Every five metres, there will be suspension points which will each be able to bear a load of 100 kilogrammes.