Since last Wednesday, 10 red letters have been showing off on the facade of the new facility: the Beekenkamp logo is a fact. Every day the company comes a step closer to the final result: 6 hectares of modern greenhouses and associated buildings.

Everything is still going according to schedule. Last Friday the pouring of the concrete started in the high- and low tide floors. After that, 1 ha will be poured weekly, after which the spraying of the greenhouse and the mounting of the insect screens can begin and various installations can be completed.

In the water area there is still a lot of digging going on for the construction of several pipelines. Hereafter the installation of the water silos, irrigation units and UV disinfectors can be done. In the boiler house the construction of the manifolds has started. The heat storage tank rises ring by ring and the welding of the heating pipes in the greenhouse is making a lot of progress. Furthermore, the roof of the hall is now closed off, the insect screen is already mounted in the ventilation and the placement of the inner and outer walls will be done soon. By the end of this week, the concrete floor will be poured for the office floors.

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