Plantech is Kenya's newest vegetable plant propagator. The Naivasha based greenhouse company was founded as a spin-off venture from Panda Flowers, a 40 hectare rose grower at the Naivasha Flower Business Park.

Plantech has built a 2.7 hectare greenhouse with germination and nursery sections in Naivasha for the propagation of vegetable plants like pepper, tomato and cucumbers. This is in order to serve the growing demand for quality and uniform young plants for Kenya's growing open field and greenhouse vegetable industry.

The greenhouse was manufactured by Trinog, a Chinese greenhouse supplier from Xiamen that is very active in export markets; recently they completed more greenhouse projects in East Africa, as well as in the Middle East, Australia, Sweden, East-Asia and the United States.

According to Snow Woo of Trinog, the project at Plantech in Kenya is a good example of the possibilities within East Africa; the grower uses technologies such as inner shading systems and climate controls in order to create the perfect environment to grow vegetable seedlings.

The Trinog greenhouses at Plantech have a 9.6 m bay, 5 m section and are 4.5 m high under the gutter. The top of the greenhouse is 7.2 m. The structure includes roof ventilation and inner shading systems. Trinog has also installed movable irrigation booms and their new seeding bench system, which offers a relatively simple and affordable alternative to advanced and more heavy bench systems. It is based on a Y-type rail system that provides support for EPS propagation trays.

According to Snow Woo, the bench system is designed with the possibility to automate the seeding process with a drum seeder machine. It is possible to install the bench system for any size of tray and the flexibility of the system allows upscaling in the future. "This rail bench system is easy to use and it's a fairly low investment", said Trinog's Snow Woo.

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