Collaboration among key players in the horticultural industry enables innovation and knowledge sharing. It contributes to global food security and sustainable development in developing countries. "The aim is to empower growers and investors worldwide to achieve a higher yield with better quality and less resources," says Martin Helmich, Sales & Marketing Director of Hoogendoorn Growth Management. In the video Wageningen UR, Koppert Biological Systems, Rijk Zwaan and Hoogendoorn share the importance of collaborating for a sustainable future of the horticulture sector.

Enabling growers to cultivate vegetables and flowers anywhere in the world, regardless the climatic conditions, is key to creating food security. Research, sustainable production systems, automation, biological crop protection and innovations in breeding and producing vegetable seeds, combined with knowledge sharing, contribute to a better quality, an extended shelf life and less waste.

Participating in training centers and demonstration projects around the globe with companies such as Wageningen UR, Koppert Biological Systems, Rijk Zwaan and Hoogendoorn, show the benefits of these innovations adapted to the local circumstances. These companies each share their different perspectives on collective innovation in the video below.

This video is a collaboration between Hoogendoorn Growth Management, Wageningen UR, Koppert Biological Systems and Rijk Zwaan.

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