Exchange rate, hope, trust and positivity were the key words during the FlowersExpo that took place last week. From 13 till 15 September, growers, breeders and suppliers showcased their new and existing assortments at the Crocus Expo in Moscow, Russia. was present to make a full photo report of the show.

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This year, the three-day event again gathered together 400 companies from 25 countries. Due to the low value of the ruble, this amount is still lower than two years ago, when 500 companies exhibited at the show, but the management of the show sees a positive change. "Last year, the foreign exhibitors occupied more of the exhibition area compared to the Russian exhibitors. This year, there are more foreign exhibitors and the exhibition space is divided 50 percent foreigners and 50 percent Russians. This means that the Russians have larger booths this year, which in turn indicates their more positive financial situation", says General Director of GreenExpo Exhibition Company and Director of the FlowersExpo Nadezhda Grigorieva.

The business program of FlowersExpo was wider then ever. Many presentations, seminars and roundtable discussions were held. Therefore, they had to increase their business area. "We increased the business area by 2,000 sq ft, to 15,000 sq feet in total, by adding conference halls", says Grigorieva.

Florists, wholesalers and growers from all over Russia and the surrounding countries came to visit the show. It is clear that the Russians still love and will continue to love flowers. In general, the exhibitors were satisfied with the amount and quality of the visitors. "Not only our direct clients are walking here, but the entire chain is present at the show", says one of the exhibiting rose breeders. "So, showing our flowers at the show enables us to see what varieties attract the attention of the florists, for example."

In spite of the low value of the ruble, which caused a decrease in sales for many foreign exhibitors, the atmosphere was positive. "The ruble is still low in value, but it does not fluctuate heavily anymore. Therefore people dare to make choices again and buy", says one of the exhibitors. "The last two years have been tough, but the market will recover. The only thing is, we do not know when. So in the meantime, we need to stay present in this market and stay top of mind", another rose grower says.

Also the Management of the FlowersExpo was pleased about this year's show. "It has been a good show and many exhibitors already made a pre-booking for next year and are eager to have a larger booth", Grigorieva.

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