Famed for its online delivery of vintage style scented garden roses and English flowers tied with aromatic herbs and foliage grown on its own farms in Hampshire and Kenya, The Real Flower Company opened its only shop at 13 Cale Street on Chelsea Green, London SW3 on Monday 19 September 2016.

Founded in 2001 by the horticulturalist Rosebie Morton, The Real Flower Company has long sought a site in Chelsea. It could be deemed the smallest shop on the Green at 16.2 m2 but it will be bursting with scented roses such as Chandos Beauty, Just Joey, Sweet Juliette and Caffe Latte as well as freshly picked English seasonal flowers, aromatic herbs and foliages.

As Rosebie adds, "After about eight years of searching, we are thrilled to have finally found the perfect gem of a shop for the Real Flower Company to open its doors on Cale Street. It is going to be snug but overflowing with all of our freshly picked, beautifully scented garden roses. The scent will permeate around Chelsea Green and no doubt draw people towards number 13 to bury their noses into an exquisitely perfumed bouquet of flowers."

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