This weekend, on Sunday October 2, Grandparents Day will be celebrated. This holiday, which originates from Italy, is gaining a firmer foothold in the Netherlands. Interesting for the trade? Yes, according to the initiator and sponsors. They want to increase the popularity of this holiday in the Netherlands.

Present for grandpa

One of the initiators is Jacco Huibers of Amigoplan. He is the ambassador of the project in the Netherlands and is very enthusiastic about the 'new' holiday. "During this time of the year, it is good to have an extra holiday", he says, "because there are none at the moment and it still takes about a month till Halloween." He also notices that the bond between grandparents and grandchildren strengthens.

This holiday does not drastically increases the flower and plant turnover
yet, but never say never. There are opportunities when looking at the demographical developments: we become older and more often grandparents will be asked to babysit the kids.

Roll out
Together with some more Dutch parties, Amigoplant wants to roll out this initiative and it is gaining traction. This year, two Dutch cities have set up a plan for the elderly. VGB (Association of Wholesalers in Horticultural Products), Charles Lansdorp, one of the founders of this initiative in Italy and Florint are now promoting it. Besides that the initiative is being sponsored by several companies, including Chrysal International, Florbusiness, Faxiflora, D├╝mmen Orange, Schoneveld breeding, Amigoplant, Van der Plas, Barendsen, OZ-Export, Hamifleurs, Lievaart Expeditie, the Italian government and the Italian youth association I Felini di Tanja Kok.

The question remains; how to make money of it. Amigoplant developed a concept - see video above - that will show how plants and flowers can become part of this holiday.

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