"There is still a lot to gain in the Japanese market," says Narendra Patil of Soex Flora, one of India's largest rose growers and exporters. Japan is already an important export market for them, but they are eager to expand in this market. In order to succeed, they've added new varieties to their assortment and will attend the IFEX in Tokyo, Japan, next week.

Narendra Patil at the IFTF in Vijfhuizen, The Netherlands.

Seasonal market
Soex Flora has been exporting to Japan for about 20 years now. About 25 percent of their production volume is being shipped to this country, but only seasonally. "During September till March, when the local production drops there due to low temperatures, they will start importing flowers."

The greenhouse of Soex Flora.

Increasing volumes
Over the last few years, Europe, Australia and the UK have become important markets for Soex Flora. With expansion of their greenhouse earlier this year, which increased their production by 30 percent, they are looking to increase their volumes to their current export markets, like Japan. "Even though Japan is already a large export market for us, we still miss some large direct buyers."

Expansion assortment
In order to increase their exports to Japan, they decided to add new varieties to their assortment which are dedicated to the Japanese demands. "Japanese people like the light shaded bright colored roses with large head sizes. So in order to meet their demands and to offer a good color mix, we added 6 new varieties to our assortment", says Patil. Currently, Soex Flora's rose assortment consists of 25 roses varieties.

And to show their assortment to their buyers and to find potential new buyers they will exhibit at the IFEX Hall 4 Stand No. 22-11, which will be held from October 12-14 in Tokyo, Japan. And as well as showcasing the new varieties and receiving feedback for this variety, it also offers them the possibility to meet the buyers in person. "Japan is mainly an auction market. So, a lot of buyers do not know the grower of the flowers and being at the show offers them, and us, the chance to get to know each other".

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