Many growers, traders and retailers traveled to the top of the North Holland province in recent days to see the Dekker Chrysanten flower trials. Like every year in week 40 - "the best time of year for chrysanthemum trials" - the top sellers, the own Triple-A varieties, the Madibas and of course the newcomers were put in the spotlight.

Warja Abrosimova talks about the product range

Dekker Chrysanten is one of the big boys when it comes to chrysanthemum breeding and propagation. At the large complex in Hensbroek all breeding activities take place, but cuttings from Africa are also put in plugs to take root. In addition, a number of breeds are grown in-house, in collaboration with the WUR, within the framework of The New Cultivation, to help research ideal growing conditions. The company is especially commendable in terms of vertical ventilation.

Dekker has no complaints about a lack of attention for its flower trials. Many growers have secured the dates in their agenda. It was even more busy on Wednesday, according to Warja, because they were also visited by a study club from Delphy.

One of the areas in which Dekker distinguishes itself from the competition is in visibility. The company focuses on brand awareness throughout the chain and preferably up to the consumer at home. Among other things, this is achieved through the Dekker Selections concept. Collaborating growers return flowers to Hensbroek in marked sleeves. There the flowers are combined into a Dekker Selection, to then be sold as colorful packages.

The flowers in Dekker Selection sleeves ... 

... and Dekker Selection boxes, ready for shipment.

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