When the Ball Horticultural Company in Australia was looking to relocate and expand their existing young plant production and seed distribution business to a larger 20ha site, they called on Powerplants Australia to help bring their vision to life.

Powerplants is excited and proud to have been involved with this interesting project, including the greenhouse design, project management and construction of the new purpose built production facility and offices located in Skye, Victoria, Australia.

This three hectare (30,326 sq. m) facility has been purpose built as a young plant propagation operation; including seed raised and vegetative cuttings. The building consists of 12 separate growing climatic zones and five separate germination environments and the new facility will increase Ball Australia’s product capabilities by 40%.

The facility has been innovatively designed, with scope for expansion in both a north and south direction, keeping the ratio of climatic zones the same.

The greenhouse was designed by Belgium based company, VD Heuvel which specialises in film greenhouses of a very high quality and constructed by Van der Hoeven from Holland. The actual structure has been constructed using double skinned polythene, featuring 6000 square metres of Cabrio opening and closing roof, with 6m to the gutter.

Powerplants worked in partnership with Van der Hoeven Horticultural Projects in the construction of the new facility which is due to be fully operational by early 2017.

Powerplants also provided numerous operational systems including a Connext Climate Control System, and Vialux water treatment from Priva. Powerplants also provided electrical fans, fogging systems from Normist, booms from Denton and Alweco retractable screens.

Ball Australia will commence production in November in the new facility, supplying the Australian market high quality flower and vegetable young plants.

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