During the last few days the local situation in Ethiopia has been calm and safe, according to Dümmen Orange. The latest news is that the government has announced a state of emergency for the coming six months. Dümmen's local team has stated that the situation calmed down, staff are able to get to the farm safely and production is back to the normal level.

Local export was not affected by the situation and flights have been operated on normal planning. Only the company's shipment towards the United States was delayed and will be shipped over coming days. All relevant customers have been informed.

"Our local management has focused on the safety of our workers first and assuring the product delivery and quality for our customers," according to marketing manager Marco van der Sar. "Together with other local breeding companies and authorities we have set up a cooperation to handle the situation."

"Our stock build up and overall product quality is great and we do not foresee any problems for our customers in the coming period due to the local situation."

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