Cut flowers are very vulnerable to less-than-ideal storage conditions. Whether exposed to drafts, low humidity levels, or poor sanitation, you immediately notice signs of wilting, yellowing and petal drop. As a matter of fact, you are probably losing customers, who are always looking for the freshest and the most appealing options.

Nicu Marin, the owner of ‘Amazon Flowers’ in Bucharest, Romania, learned from his experience that the main factors which make flowers unmarketable are ethylene, bacteria and fungi. Ethylene is known to be responsible for up to 30% of floriculture harvest losses, as it causes premature wilting. Botrytis Cinerea, in turn, results in flower leaves yellowing, heads falling down and irregular buds opening. There is also a chance that you will see spotting or discoloration of leaves if infection occurs, and you may even notice a rotten smell.

In order to deal with these challenges, Amazon Flowers opted for Bio Turbo — a solution that removes ethylene and kills 99.5%+ of fungi and bacteria in the air. By destroying fungal spores, it prevents mold from growing even at the stage when signs of infection are not yet visible. Unlike other solutions for eliminating ethylene and airborne pathogens, Bio Turbo requires minimal maintenance and is 100% safe for humans.

Nicu Marin says, that after installing Bio Turbo, they experienced significant reductions of wilting, yellowing and black spots on leaves and drying buds. They highly recommend this solution for other flower stores for extending the shelf life of cut flowers.

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