A remarkable Ultra-Clima greenhouse in Japan: KUBO is building (final stage) a 1.5-hectare project for Kunieda Rose. It is remarkable because for a change it’s not for tomatoes but for roses instead. Thanks to the expansion, the company has not only tripled in size, it has also taken a step forwards in terms of sustainable technology.

In Japan, a company that covers 1.5 hectares is considered large. This is because the country doesn’t have much flat land for development. So as a consequence businesses are not as large in terms of size as they are elsewhere in the world. The Japanese government, however, strongly promotes the use of innovative technology in the horticultural sector. Since the nuclear incident in 2011, Japan wants to focus more on technology to safeguard food production, among other things.

Kunieda Rose products also stay in their own country, where roses are considered a luxury. The expectation is that the Ultra-Clima greenhouse will double the yield per square metre, and that it will also improve the quality. This is quite an achievement given that the climate in Japan is very hot and humid for several months of the year, at night too. A sophisticated night cooling system has been used to ensure that a good average daily temperature is achieved despite the climate. It is all made possible by using Ultra-Clima technology very effectively and efficiently.

A contract for cultivation advice has been concluded with KUBO’s subsidiary, ClimaConnect. The project was implemented in collaboration with their local partner Daisen.

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