Analysts have made direct connections between the Colombian vote, the Brexit, vote and the U.S. November election. While plebiscites are different animals than, for example, presidential elections, the one element all three elections have in common is that voters in each are presented with a dichotomous choice: relatively predictable reformism (the Yes in Colombia, Remain in England, Hillary Clinton in the U.S.) versus unknown departure (the No vote, Brexit, Donald Trump).

"In all cases, the more uncertain option is led by groups who are unhappy with the status quo," shipping company Easyfresh comments.

"When it comes to shipping and very much to reefer shipping and the logistics of fresh and frozen cargoes, we face a rather similar situation. Reefer cargo is 'conservative'. Shippers and receivers pretend to protect their trade and this leads to a fragmented cold chain and possibly the 'established/classic' solutions are possibly 'not-the-best' long-term.

"Anyhow there is a good difference in the political vs reefer logistics scenarios. The NO or ANTI voters pretend to penalize the 'establishment', though the alternatives do not seem always to be credible. People want a change, though the alternative seems to be unclear, in many cases.

"When it comes to reefer logistics there are a number of local or regional very specialized reefer logistics operations that can help on the longer run."

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