In the coming festive month, Flower Council of Holland will once again have a number of special plants and flowers on the agenda. Include these products in your assortment, and hitch a ride with the consumer campaigns and the attention they generate.

Photos: Flower Council Holland

Garden Plant of the Month for December: Spruce
We have long known the Spruce is the most popular Christmas tree. With its fine, slightly prickly needles it takes pride of place in many a living room. But the Spruce is also a popular evergreen conifer in the garden. Its attractive shape means that the Garden Plant of the Month for December can shape the whole look of the garden combined with other shrubs and conifers.

Azalea is Houseplant of the Month for December
Whether they're snow white, December red, solemn purple or bright pink, the one thing that all Azaleas have in common is that you can hardly see the plant for the flowers. That's why this profuse bloomer is the Houseplant of the Month. Take advantage and boost your sales with the POS material which can be downloaded free of charge using the link at the bottom of the page.

The Orchid is on the Flower Agenda
Let's head towards the end of the year in style! It's all about the classy orchid from this coming Monday 14 November - 4 December. Your customers will quickly discover the flower that' will be in the Flower Agenda on that this elegant beauty symbolises pure friendship. Surprise your customers with this colourful flower's many styling possibilities over the coming weeks.

Source: Royal FloraHolland