This trendy concept brought to you by Special Plant Zundert, has recently been introduced to the market. It is a great way to follow the ‘grow your own’ trend. From now on you can make your own tea. Not only could you sell it to your customer and boost their health; you can drink it yourself and boost your own! On top of that, the grower says it won’t be sold in supermarkets.

The concept was recently developed and therefore the plants won’t be available online all the time.

Legend has it: the origin of tea
According to an ancient story, tea was once discovered by the Chinese emperor Shen Nong. Thousands of years ago, he discovered tea in a forest. Leaves of a tea bush fluttered into a kettle with hot water. This created an idyllic fragrance. The emperor tasted the fragrant water and was completely sold.

Black tea, green tea or white tea…
No matter what your favorite is, black, green and white tea are all made with the leaves of the same tea plant; the Camellia Sinensis. The cultivation of this plant is an art that the Chinese have mastered over a period of a thousand years. Until now, growers never managed to make a tea plant suitable for home consumption.

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