A large scale customer satisfaction survey has been conducted by Priva in the autumn of 2016. More than 200 growers in the EMEA-region responded and evaluated the communication and service of Priva and its partners. All participants of the survey had a chance to win two hours of free consultancy. Gebr. Nederpel from Wateringen, the Netherlands, was the lucky company that won the two hours of consultancy. They choose for consultancy regarding 'how to optimize your climate for your specific crop'.

De Gebr. Nederpel is a family company, located in Wateringen, The Netherlands. They produce pot chrysanthemums on more than seven hectares. Co-owner Ruud van der Knaap explains: "We grow more than 30 species which are marketed all through Europe. About 50 percent of the production is sold by supermarket chains. Large uniform quantities of good quality are the basis of our growing policy. Since the start of our company, we use the Priva process computer for climate control. Priva is a solid company with a good reputation. They are known as an innovative company as well. Last summer, we've invested in the new Priva Connext 907, because we want to be future proof."

Kevin de Kok, climate-consultant carried out the two-hour consult at Gebr. Nederpelt. The explanation of the relevant new settings for chrysanthemums in the latest software version Connext 907 was focused on during this consultation. Ruud van der Knaap: "I'm going to apply these controls immediately. I will definitely use the new energy curtains controls. The temporary settings are useful for my business as well. With the new dashboard that Kevin has set up, I'm able to see the most important things at a glance. That works very easy."

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