In partnership with Canadian Nursery Landscape Association (CNLA), Vineland manages Canada’s only national rose breeding program focused on cold hardy, low-maintenance roses that are strongly aligned with consumer preferences. Program strengths include a consumer-targeted approach, a large collection of unique material, use of advanced breeding technologies and strong partnerships within the industry.

Vineland leads the breeding, development and marketing of new rose cultivars, building on core strengths including consumer insights, genomics and business development to bring a fresh perspective to the marketing of landscape roses.

Extensive consumer research including branding concepts has been undertaken to position the rose collection in the marketplace and generate renewed interest in landscape roses with new and younger Canadians. The branding has been designed to celebrate the collective sense of Canada’s natural beauty while emphasizing the made-in-Canada story for resonance around the world.

The goal is to reinvigorate the landscape rose market in North America with high-quality plants and create a market into cold hardy regions of Europe. Using a creative and cohesive business strategy, the roses will be promoted as a collection. The first rose for release from the program in 2017 is the Canadian Shield, part of Vineland’s 49th Parallel Collection.

The Canadian Shield launch is a pilot project to validate Vineland’s assumptions around value chain, marketing and branding research. Market response and grower feedback will inform subsequent releases that will come to be known as the Vineland collection.

Vineland will manage the commercialization of the collection in Canada through direct licences with propagators, growers and wholesalers. All licensees are encouraged to ensure the branding and marketing elements of the rose collection are maintained for a consistent look-and-feel across the value chain. In other regions including the U.S. and Europe, Vineland will manage intellectual property rights and rely on partners for propagation, sales and distribution.

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