Several weeks ago, owner-director of Van der Sar Import (situated in De Lier, the Netherlands), Gerard van der Sar spoke at the International Rattan Forum in Jakarta. Here, he discussed the notion of his involvement in the sustainable harvesting and processing of rattan in collaboration with the local farmers of Indonesia. Van der Sar was invited to do so by the local authorities. The audience comprised over a hundred rattan specialists, who had traveled to this congress from all over Indonesia.

In his speech, Van der Sar informed the audience about the developments on sustainability in Europe. As he spoke of harvesting, replanting and processing the durable rattan products, he emphasised importance of preserving the tropical rainforest. He underlined the vital matter to keep providing work for the locals and offer them a proper income, as this will be the foundation for a better future for the entire family, the local community and eventually the whole country.

The sustainability policy of Van der Sar Import is supported by the local, regional and national authorities. Because of the latter’s involvement and their consideration, the Minister of Industry Mr. Hartarto was also present at the congress. In his presence Van der Sar Import and an umbrella organisation of rattan harvesters signed an agreement which officially ratified their collaboration.

For here and on, this umbrella organisation will harvest sustainable rattan in the Indonesian forests for the production facility of Van der Sar.

Van der Sar Import imports and produces pots, vases, bowls and baskets. In the framework of the sustainability policy, the entire line of rattan products has been preserved.

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